By Lisa Meade


Are you someone who spends a good deal of time taking care of the needs of others?

Do you put yourself at the end of the list? A beautiful gift to bring to your Self is a day of wellness and healing. We all carry within us a seed for healing. When you nurture this and tend to it, giving it focus and the time and attention, you will find that it awakens healing energies and wellness within you.

Setting aside a day of wellness and healing for your body, mind and soul brings tremendous benefits to your life. Finding ways to address your vital needs brings your energies into alignment and awakens newness and vibrancy.

Actually, just the awareness that you are putting aside time for you creates a spark of wellness.

I encourage clients to set aside time, whether it be once a week or once a month, because everyone’s needs are different. But when you book this special day with yourself you will find that you begin to make plans and set intentions.

Think about what the day will include.

Will you spend it in a special or favorite location? Will you share it with someone whose company you enjoy? Will it include certain activities?

Think of what your body needs.

Rest? Recharge? Movement? Nurturing? Release? Once you know this you can move forward with your intentional day of wellness.

Think of music that could support your needs.

Perhaps certain crystals, flowers, aromas or foods? A long walk, a massage, a day of play in the water. What makes you smile just thinking it over? Go with that!

The more you map out this day of wellness, the more the needs of your body, mind and soul will be revealed. The more you create intention to meet these needs, and the more doors will open to healing energies and revitalization of your overall well being.

Bringing your wellness into harmony is important to the way you honor your body, mind and soul. Recognizing that you have the right to be put first on the list and that it is worthy of the time and effort is a tremendous step in honoring the beauty of all you are.

This sends important messages to you and to others around you.

Cultivating wellness should not feel like a luxury, but instead a necessity as you awaken your awareness to your energetic needs, your body’s balance and your thoughts’ focus.


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