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By Shailie Dubois 

Articles, books, news media and documentaries all echo the same sentiment, “Humans are killing the planet.”

This harsh reality paired with the lack of empowering solutions results in a whirlwind of emotions that leave us in a state of shock. Naturally we feel extremely overwhelmed, isolated and helpless. The encroaching death of Mother Earth causes us to enter a grieving process similar to The Five Stages of Loss and Grieving.

By recognizing the five stages of grieving in ourselves we can move through this emotional process into a state of consciousness that truly inspires change.

1. Denial and Isolation

Was it a discussion with a friend, a lecture at school or an online documentary that caused us to feel too much emotion? In response to this first wave of emotion we try to maintain a state of ignorance and return to that blissful state of unknowing. We consciously decide to disengage with information about the dire state of Mother Earth to avoid our empathetic feelings.

2. Anger

Eventually the bottled up emotion appears as anger. The news about pollution, endangered species, war, oil leaks, GMO, government corruption, etc., triggers explosive reactions aimed at the shortcomings of humanity. Inner turmoil ensues as we grapple with our own place in humanity and how we have contributed to Mother Earth’s pain. Ultimately being angry is not a good feeling, nor the solution.

3. Bargaining

To gain a sense of control over our feelings of helplessness we start the “if only” statements.

“If only everyone in the world would pick up a piece of trash a day.”

“If only everyone could get along.” 

“If only the government recognized these issues.” 

All of this information has led to our greatest problem of all: there are too many problems for one person to deal with. The good thing about this stage is it can lead to action and great ideas,  but often times the shear amount of what needs to be done to reverse the damage is so daunting it can lead to depression.

4. Depression

The weight of the world is on our shoulders. There is a sadness about the future and concern for the future generations of all species including our children. There is a belief that one person cannot inspire change and the problems we face make us feel so incredibly small.

5. Acceptance

With acceptance comes a choice: see Mother Earth as dying, or alive and in need of our help. To inspire more people to choose the latter there is one thing we could all do.

6. Bonus: Seek and you Shall Find

We are not alone. There are many beautiful people who have grieved for Mother Earth who have dedicated their lives to take care of her and its inhabitants. We can choose to acknowledge the bad news, but we must also seek out the good news.

The first remedy for Mother Earth is to share the good news and support others who are making the change. The main reason we enter the state of grieving is the good news is often untold. There is a lot of inspiring information out there that can help ourselves and others come out of grieving feeling hopeful and empowered.

The truth is, we have everything we need to live in harmony with Mother Earth, and people are making it a reality right now.


Shailie DuboisShailie Dubois has a degree in Psychology. She is also a graduate of the Advanced Shamanism Program at the Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies. She practices Intuitive Prayer Healing, a combination of her studies in psychological well-being, Christianity, Bhakti yoga, shamanic healing, energy healing, prayer therapy, aromatherapy, music, art and a lifetime of dreaming. Her mission is to inspire community rooted in the service of God. She is called to bring people together through artistic expression, sharing stories and songs, and providing sacred space to get lost in and find “home”‘ Connect with Shailie on her blog, Altar of the Heart.
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Editor: Alicia Wozniak