By Saraswati J

How Well Are You Taking Care of Your Whole Being?

Are you attending to and nourishing your four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) in a balanced way? Or are you attending to one of your bodies more than the others?

Take the Quiz!

Use the numbers below to indicate how often are you doing each of the following activities. If you engage in an activity not listed that you feel contributes to you self-care, list it, and rate it with a number.

5 – Almost Always
4 – Frequently
3 – Sometimes
2 – Rarely
1 – Never


____Getting exercise weekly
____Eating regular, balanced meals
____Drinking water throughout the day
____Limiting caffeine
____Limiting alcohol intake
____Avoiding smoking and drugs
____Getting a massage or another relaxing spa service
____Doing yoga, tai chi, or other relaxing exercise
____Attending check-ups and medical appointments
____Taking the day off when you are sick
____Sleeping 8 hours per night
____Doing something relaxing, like taking a bath or watching a funny movie



____Making time for friends who matter and make you feel connected and happy
____Giving yourself permission to not be perfect – be patient with yourself!
____Accepting your feelings, including sadness, anger, frustration, or shame.
____Going shopping, to the salon, or doing other things that help you feel good confident about   your presentation, inside and out
____Taking weekends away or vacations
____Seeking support from a friend when you are struggling
____Telling others what you truly feel and need, without apologies
____Spending time outdoors
____Doing something fun, silly, or thrilling!



____Reading for pleasure
____Taking a class
____Trying out a new activity
____Doing work or tasks you find mentally challenging.
____Taking the time to read, listen, or watch intellectually stimulating programs or have discussions on topics you enjoy.



____Spending time in nature
____Attending religious services
____Doing yoga
____Practicing gratitude
____Reflecting and making meaning of your experiences
____Practicing being in a state of curiosity
____Going on an adventure – no matter how big or small.
____Savoring and reflecting upon positive experiences – the feeling of eating a peach, the contours of your partner’s face, the smell of rain, etc.



Journaling, singing, music making, writing poetry, drawing, taking pictures, cooking and making up new dishes, creating or re-creating something new in any way, decorating your space, jewelry creation and personal adornments, etc. Use this section to list any areas not listed on the assessment that fulfill a creative outlet you use.


Use these numbers to help yourself make adjustments to your lifestyle and routine.

Remember that Self Care is an ongoing process, it is in fact a practice—just like meditation, yoga or eating well. We make daily choices that either support or negate our sense of nourishment and well being. This quiz can act as a reminder to help you get your needs met and to seek resources that will support you along the way!



Saraswati JSaraswati J is a Jyotish Coach and Consultant, bridging ancient Jyotish wisdom with Embodiment and Expressive Art Therapy resources. Her Jyotish work is especially well suited to the extra sensitive artists, mystics and healers—and those who need insights for their dharmic path and personal transformation process. Check out her website and find her on Facebook. You can join her newsletter for special astrological insights or register for her weekly Jyotish Basics classes for an extra dose of healing wisdom. Additionally, she creates unique adornments with the urban goddess in mind. Check out her jewelry at Swati Jr* Jewelry and also on Facebook.


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Editor: Alicia Wozniak