By Carolyn Riker

It was only a dream.

A deep voice, vibrated through my cells. I felt the carpet give way and the mocha-colored earth formed creases around me.

Warm and safe; a quiet solace. Songbirds were an orchestra.
The leaves danced seamlessly in the wind.
I perched below and above into a vein of life.

I had wings and they weren’t of an ordinary bird. It was a mythical being. I circled into a cosmic realm.

The stars lifted me and fueled the synaptic influx of an empathetic knowing.

I stepped further and books poured from my veins; poems were tethered to my sinewy frame. Music lit each hair folic and my tears mitigated with an ethereal sea.

The rich echo of thunder was my voice caressing and quieting the shores in my mind.

I wore a seaweed robe stitched with delicate pearls and became both land and sea; the stars, were a beacon of navigational light.

“Sweet child, you are not dead.
You are very much alive.

Rise into your being.
Ignore the exercise of your mind and feel it.

It’s your bones you need to speak to.
Step into the marrow of your being.

This is the place you are meant live.
I will hold a shield from those shadowy
darts being thrown at you.

They will no longer haunt you.
Rest. Let them go—even for a moment and see.

See how your heart is breathing.
What makes your song soar?

How far do the tears of your ancestors plunge into the sea?

It’s there you will go. Listen and breathe.
Feel the flames burnt in your gut.

It’s the fire of truth; no longer repressed.
The shackles are gone.

Shake it out and declare from your spine a liberating uprising.

Embrace the gifts you try to restrain; enhance them.
You tremble on the joy of a hummingbird’s wings.”

Remember, no one can ever close the doors of all you see.

Be your dreams.



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Carolyn RikerCarolyn Riker, MA is a private tutor, writer and a poet. She is also a Certified Instructor for Journal Writing and provides workshops. Carolyn finds comfort and balance in her kids, nature, music and her sweet cat Copper. She can be seen sipping soy lattes and nibbling on dark chocolate. She’s a regular columnist for Rebelle Society and formerly at Elephant Journal. She also has a personal blog here. You can also visit Carolyn’s facebook page here. Her poems are featured in Journey of the Heart: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry by Women.



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