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Are you looking for a change? Feeling stuck? Are you wanting to make some sort of change but you aren’t sure how to begin?

If only I:

  • Had more time

  • Was more driven or motivated

  • Had someone guiding me

Zen Life is a chance to get guided instruction right to your inbox and one on one right over the internet. Pick one meditation session, or get several. Get a fitness program designed just for you. Get healthy recipes and video demonstrations delivered right to you personally. Have the chance to talk with someone who knows—someone who will gently guide and encourage you to take small steps toward change.

Because the choices we make today become the people we are tomorrow.

Meditation Instruction

The first consultation is free and will be done via email or however the instructor prefers. From there, this will give the instructor an idea on how to personalize your plan for you. This also gives both of you a better idea if you are a fit for this teacher. After the first consult, the instructor will work with you via email and Skype or Google Plus to answer you meditation questions and help you get your practice either started or further your practice.

Ty H. Phillips
Ty H. PhillipsMeditation Instructor
Ty started studying eastern religions in 1995 under the guidance of Swami Shastananda. He sat as a disciple for 3 years before leaving and studying with Satguru Sivaya Subramunitaswami of the Savite Hindu Temple. After a two year program, Ty began intensive studies of Buddhism where he found his home and became a lineage holder in the Trungpa lineage in 2011 under John Perks.

Meditate with Ty

Your first session is free! Email us here to get in contact with Ty: editor@thetattooedbuddha.com

Daniel Scharpenburg
Daniel ScharpenburgMeditation Instructor
Daniel Scharpenburg is an independent dharma teacher and Ch’an Adept living in Kansas City. He regularly gives teachings through the Open Heart Project. He also runs the Monday Night Zen Group at the Rime Buddhist Center.

His teaching style has been compared to that of the earliest Mahayana teachers and Ch’an Masters.

Daniel has taken Bodhisattva Vows in both the Nagarjuna and Asanga lineages and was transmitted the Caodong Ch’an lineage of Master Hsu Yun.

Meditate with Daniel

First session is free! Email us here to get in contact with Daniel: editor@thetattooedbuddha.com

Brent R. Oliver
Brent R. OliverMeditation Instructor

Meditate with Brent

First session is free! Email us here to get in contact with Brent: editor@thetattooedbuddha.com

Brent R. Oliver is a modern mindfulness guide dedicated to helping people live happier, more authentic lives. He has over 15 years of study and meditation experience, although at the beginning it was as awkward and fumbling as teenage love in the basement. Nonetheless, he persevered and is now considerably above average in several helpful ways.

Brent practices and teaches within Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system because it’s the most practical and effective approach available. He’s not saying that because he’s trying to sell you on it. Well, okay, he’s obviously trying to sell you on it a little. But that remark isn’t reckless or bombastic. Brent has spent a decade investigating many different meditative traditions and approaches and found Unified Mindfulness to be the most complete and robust by far. So that’s an educated statement on his part.<!–more–>

With UM, Shinzen has joined the most rigorous and potent meditation techniques of the East with the latest cutting-edge Western scientific research. The fruit of this hybrid is a contemporary, highly-efficient mindfulness system, with positive results that can be examined equally in daily life and under the microscope. Or fMRI, as the case may be. UM is a dogma-free regimen of mental fitness that works with any philosophy or none at all. Specific beliefs are not necessary.

This universal practice helps rewire the brain for happiness independent of circumstances. It’s been shown to ease insomnia, decrease stress and anxiety, promote overall well-being, and just sort of make you awesome in general. It can lead all the way to classical liberation or simply boost concentration, clarity, and equanimity so you can experience and enjoy life as fully as possible. You have the raw materials and UM is the toolbox.

What you choose to build is up to you. Brent can help. He offers personalized mindfulness instruction based on your objectives and the specific goals that you set. Together, you’ll build a creative practice tailored just for you.

He meets with students via Skype and offers email support as well. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation to see if you’d be a good fit to work together.

Fitness Instruction

Ty will create a specific fitness plan just for you. This will include general exercise, weight lifting and stretching, as well as a meal plan. Choose which option best fits your needs.

Ty H. Phillips
Ty H. PhillipsFitness Coach
Ty Phillips is a strength and conditioning coach. He was the head coach for 7 state, 15 national, and 2 world records as well as taking a swimmer to Junior Olympics. He has worked with mmbers of military’s elite units, members of the FBI’s Counter Terrorism Unit, local police and fire as well as the every day person hoping to achieve higher levels of fitness and over all well being. Ty is also a dharma teacher and lineage holder in the Trungpa lineage under John Perks.

Personalized Fitness Plan

Healthy Eating

Chris Harrison
Chris HarrisonVegan Chef

Recipes and cooking demonstrations sent to your inbox! A live Q & A session with Chris the Fresh No Death vegan chef!


Get Ready to Start Cooking Healthy!

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Hey everyone…I’m Chris—born-and-bred New Jersey still here representing daily. I’ll try to keep this short is not to bore you.

I’m 43 years old now, but still consider myself a young punk ass (but in a good way don’t worry). Anyway, I became vegan almost nine years ago. The connection for me was partly the love I received from my pug (#ApolloTheJerseyBuddhaDog), who I got shortly after my 39 year old brother was unfortunately murdered and dismembered in Florida in 2009 by some dude (who is now serving life). That happened shortly after our mother died at the end of 2008. So as you can imagine, to say those events were life altering is a gross understatement.

I didn’t write this to fish for sympathy or empathy, but it was a defining moment for me in terms of how I view all life, hence my change to the vegan lifestyle. Now with that morbid explanation (my apologies for being graphic), we move on. I decided then and there that I don’t have a right to contribute to the death of any being on this planet. It was not hard for me once the connection was made—it was a done deal.

Now in terms of my culinary background I have been in the kitchen since I can remember walking. I was fortunate to have excellent cooks in my family, from my mother to my grandmother, to my aunts. They all took me under their wings and showed me the tricks of the trade in terms of great rustic home cooking. That’s where my love for cooking expanded.

I started working in Jersey diners and restaurants at the age of 12 as a busboy in the Newark, New Jersey area. I would sneak in the back kitchen and hang out with the chefs to watch and learn what they were doing and pick up tricks. I’ve done it all in the food service business including delivery, busboy, server, chef, etc. I am never afraid to dive into any role. Working in those restaurants really honed my skills and passion at such a young age.

I went to culinary school in the mid-90s, while running an Italian restaurant in Bloomfield NJ, a DJ business and working at night in various clubs in the NJ/NY area. I also had a small music studio where I produced. But unfortunately most of that had to stop due to my father having cancer and ultimately passing in 1999.

My love for cooking continued though. In 1998 my daughter was born. I was in a committed relationship, so I had to get a “real” job to support them which led me into the corporate management world as my day job. I worked for several different companies and managed several different businesses throughout the years—the latest as a manager for Trader Joe’s.

The whole time I have had a side business of catering and cooking for clients. Unfortunately in 2013 I suffered an accident on the job which has caused me to be out of work since then with massive back and knee injuries (just got a brand spankin’ new knee!).

I created my brand, FreshNoDeath, which is a play on words. The terms “Fresh to death” is a slang term meaning something looks cool, or someone dressed well. I originally said it as a joke one day, but it stuck. So I grew it and embraced it since it ties in with my Fresh Vegan food, meaning nothing died to make my meals.

FreshNoDeath is not only a culinary brand, but also clothing, and I’m working on other venues including a YouTube channel with recipes via video’s, a pending cook book, a website and growing a social media following. Throughout the years I basically converted my “traditional” cooking skills all to vegan and plant-based cooking. I am always learning, I always stay humble, and I always consider myself a student of a multitude of cultures in terms of their traditions in the kitchen. I pride myself on my open mind knowing no one knows it all, but whatever I do know I like to help others with inspiration and motivation.

While I keep my, “rough around the edges” sharp witted Jersey persona, which I like to consider “keeping it real,” at the end of the day the last thing I would ever do is create a pretentious fake persona like I see so many do on social media. What you see is what you get—raw and uncut. I have a love for communication, meaning, I truly enjoy conversing with people. Everyone has different energy levels and everyone has their own perspectives. Having grown up in such a concentrated, diverse area of NJ, I really was blessed to have been exposed to so many different cultures and people. I believe it made me who I am today in terms of my open mind, my thirst to always want to learn more and my fascination for this planet and its inhabitants.

I have to be me; I know no other way. I think people respect that. So in closing, whatever I could do to help foster collaboration, give my best practices, my best ideas and basically give you an outline of what works, then I think it’s a win for everyone. You can certainly take the framework I create and share and expand on it yourself for your own tastes and likes.

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