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The Faces of Meditation: Lisa Malarz



By Lisa Malarz

A small village of 350 people in rural Ontario is not really the place to open a yoga studio, but I did and thankfully people came even though I opened during one of the worst winters on record.

Some people weren’t even able to drive there. The majority didn’t want anything to do with meditation or philosophy—they just wanted a physical asana practice. I’m living at Yasodhara Ashram now and I’m glad to be here with like-minded individuals.

I had been feeling disenfranchised and marginalized in that old environment. Now my practice is back to the basics. I start with mantra and prayer and then I sit and listen. I don’t know if I’m really meditating, but it’s contemplative.

It feels good. It creates space in my mind, so that’s what I love about it.


Photo: Yasodhara Ashram




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