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Striding Through the Universe

Daniel ScharpenburgColumnist
Daniel Scharpenburg is a dreamer, an idealist and a mystic. He grew up in Kansas City, where he still resides. Having lost his parents during his youth, he began a long period of introspection that led to the Buddhist path. Along the way, he got a degree in English, which everyone told him would be useless. Facing crippling anxiety problems, he started exploring meditation and eastern spirituality. It was like he had found a part of himself that had always been missing. He’s been practicing Buddhism for over 10 years now. He has studied with many different Buddhist teachers from diverse lineages. He received personal instruction from Shi Da Dao, in the lineage of Master Xu Yun, and he has served as personal attendant to Karen Maezen Miller on a Zen retreat. He believes in taking Buddhist teachings out into the world, teaching in places where other teachers might not go, such as campgrounds and hippie drum circles. He considers himself a Zen Iconoclast and Radical, in the vein of his personal hero Ikkyu Sojun. He leads meditation workshops every year at the Heartland Pagan Festival and teaches classes in Buddhism at the Rime Buddhist Center. Daniel writes for a few websites including The Tattooed Buddha and Elephant Journal .

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