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Awake In The City

Daniel ScharpenburgColumnist
Daniel Scharpenburg is an independent Dharma teacher in Kansas City. He gives teachings regularly online through the Open Heart Project. He’s studied with many different teachers of diverse lineages.
He was trained and certified as a meditation teacher at the Rime Center Buddhist Community. He received additional training in the Zen tradition, both as a monk in the Korean Zen tradition and as a lay teacher in the Caodong Chan tradition. He decided it’s better to be a regular person. He has taken the vows of a lay zen teacher and also Bodhisattva vows. He teaches people how to find a more awakened way to engage their lives and relationships through the Bodhisattva path of wisdom and compassion.

His writing has appeared in Lion’s Roar, The Secular Buddhist, Patheos, and Elephant Journal.
He has given public teachings at the Rime Buddhist Center and at the Heartland Pagan Festival.

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