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The Faces of Meditation: Heather Bauer

  By Heather Bauer   This was taken by a friend recently at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I started practicing yoga regularly two years ago, when my daughter left home as a way to get to know and ground myself. I felt really lost at the time. My practice has also become a way for me to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and gives me the opportunity to practice self love. Tree pose is my favorite yoga pose as it is both grounding and empowering. It connects me to what is both...

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Dear Yoga Teacher: Can You Turn Down (or off) the Music?

By Nina Rubin When I think of taking yoga classes, I imagine clean, spacious rooms, gleaming wood or bamboo floors with straight lines and a quiet, peaceful vibe. I try to get to at least two yoga classes a week to round out my other fitness routines and love the feeling of arriving to class a few minutes early to lay on the cool floor. I feel anticipation when I think of the meditation of the movements and breath. However, in recent classes, I’ve been affected by music being played by the instructors. You see, my favorite teachers don’t...

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Beyond the Stereotype: Yoga Really is For All

  By Debbie Lynn I picked up one of my favorite yoga magazines today and began to thumb through it. As usual the advertisements for pharmaceuticals offended me, the poses offered this month are done with taste, and the models are, (not surprisingly) mostly young with perfectly coiffed hair and athletic bodies. Of course there was all kinds of “foodie and tea love” found lacing the pages, but the Editor’s Letter was a surprise. It said (in essence) how “in this issue” she wanted the practice of yoga to unite the community. She states how she took a look...

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The Faces of Meditation: Mackenzie Schmitzerle

  By Mackenzie Schmitzerle I started doing yoga to help with my back. As I went to more and more classes, I realized there was more to this class than just a stretch or work out. So, I opened myself up to going to different classes (not just crunch gym). I found that to truly get a full stretch, I have to release my mind. In this picture here, I have my toes up in my silks. To me this is where I can get good blood flow, fall into complete relaxation and breathe the best.   Photo: provided by...

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The Faces of Meditation: Christopher

  By Christopher I’m a fan of the philosophy that meditation can be done anywhere. Sometimes when I find myself on a bus or eating I try to bring myself into the present moment by using the senses. Growing up, I had so much access to instant gratification via technology that I tended to gravitate towards picking up my phone and constantly filling my mind with input, input, input. To curb this, I’m now allowing myself to embrace the void rather than avoid the void. Becoming comfortable with boredom and being able to actually have silence in my life...

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