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Living with a Chronic Illness & Finding Gratitude.

  By Deb Avery Contrary to modern day culture, having an illness does not mean we are a failure. Being sick does not mean we are bad people making bad decisions, or that karma has come back to bite us in the butt. Being sick is much like everything else in the world—it just is. I live with two chronic illnesses. A little over five years ago I was diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis). This is not like your grandmother’s arthritis. RA is an autoimmune disease that affects not only the joints in the body, but can affect every...

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Stress & the Single Mom.

  By Dana Gornall I remember hearing a story when I was in kindergarten, about how the spider got its waist. Since I have become an adult, I have searched and searched for this story over the internet and have not found it, but it is something that has stuck in my mind still today. A mama spider had a bunch of baby spiders. Being a new mama, she was concerned about keeping track of all her baby spiders, so she spun a web to each one in order to know where they were and to keep them out...

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Igniting the Human Spirit Through Yoga.

  By Penni Feiner, Executive Director of Kula for Karma All over the world, people are blessed to experience the transformative effects of yoga and meditation. But right in our own back yard, there are many communities that don’t have access to such powerful services. Seven years ago, Geri Topfer set out to change that. She founded Kula for Karma, a nonprofit organization that brings therapeutic yoga and meditation to communities in need. Soon after, I came on to join her; and together with a volunteer base of over 500 certified yoga instructors, we have created over 300 programs,...

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Considering Affliction & Addiction, Unless, Unless We Remember.

By Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan After reading this post about possible origins of addiction, I got to contemplating. If addiction is not approached solely as a disease—but as the author, Johann Hari, suggests a lack of connection to community—could its origins possibly be linked to our thought patterns? I write this with a compassionate, inquisitive heart: no judgment, but a desire to better untangle how we can fall into isolation and its many side affects. I have been touched by family members and friends who struggle with addiction, have seen the isolation they find themselves in, and I know intimately the...

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My Intention Yelled at Me.

  By Alicia Wozniak I wasn’t sure it was going to ever happen. I started practicing yoga over the summer. Weez, my daughter, was with her dad out of state; I had a lot of extra time. I made the error of scheduling too much to do while she was away for the summer. I panicked thinking I’d have too much down time. So, I got another part-time job, took on a paid editing project, kept up with my unpaid editing gig, continued teaching Zumba four times a week, plus my full-time job—basically I worked all of June and through...

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