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The Little Lie That Kept Going All Day: My Journey to India {Part II}

  By Marcee Murray King   It started with the girl trying to sell me wooden stamps. She was with a woman down in the park near the seaside, where vendors are set up everywhere selling things. The question is always, “Where are you from?” I always hesitate, assuming the price will go up if I tell them the truth. And, to be honest, I was feeling a little nervous saying I was from America thanks to Trump and his newly-appointed posse. But I do know the rule: haggling is the norm in India—and I don’t know how to...

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Living My Dharma in Liminal Space: My Journey to India {Part1}

  By Marcee Murray King I feel like I am in a holding pattern, circling around, waiting for what is next. I’m at the threshold of what was and what is to be—an unknown space. I’ve been occupying this space for the last few weeks, waiting and preparing for my journey to India. The waiting is familiar, as I have been waiting my whole life for…THIS. This moment in time. A week or so before I left, I told my friend Joy that I felt I was occupying both realms, with part of me in Wisconsin and part of me...

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In Meditation

  By Debbie Lynn Today I was cut in half. The line was precise—vivid—and in my mind’s eye I could witness this thin separation of dark to light, completely surreal. There was a cool shadow to the right of my body that took on the black, and a warm white light to the left that felt really good and I smiled. Back to the breath. The sounds around me—water kissing the hull, the roar of a floatplane, and muffled voices. I had music in my head that was trying to catch up with the music playing on my iPod,...

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The Faces of Meditation: Carol Reedy Rogero

  By Carol Reedy Rogero If it’s pre-sunrise on Sunday morning or any summer/vacation morning you’ll likely find me headed to meditate at my church/pharmacy, the beach. I live about 13 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean, yet when I close my eyes I clearly hear its call from across the causeway—the rhythmic crashing of the waves in concert with the sun and moon slows my breath and soothes my frayed synapses. I am home. I seat myself on a circular beach blanket and begin sun salutations. As my breathing syncs, I try to imagine actually breathing out the swarm...

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The Faces of Meditation: Heather Bauer

  By Heather Bauer   This was taken by a friend recently at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I started practicing yoga regularly two years ago, when my daughter left home as a way to get to know and ground myself. I felt really lost at the time. My practice has also become a way for me to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and gives me the opportunity to practice self love. Tree pose is my favorite yoga pose as it is both grounding and empowering. It connects me to what is both...

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