July 2017

In Meditation

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Balance, breathing and nasty wonderful thoughts encircle my head. A stinging reality, legs crossed, back straight, zoom-in, zoom-out I am taken into the vortex and quickly lost in the split of my body. Each side was pulling, tugging, vying for my attention.   By Debbie Lynn Today I was cut in half. The [...]

June 2017

The Faces of Meditation: Carol Reedy Rogero

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  By Carol Reedy Rogero If it's pre-sunrise on Sunday morning or any summer/vacation morning you'll likely find me headed to meditate at my church/pharmacy, the beach. I live about 13 miles away from the Atlantic Ocean, yet when I close my eyes I clearly hear its call from across the causeway---the rhythmic crashing of the [...]

May 2017

April 2017

3 Restorative Yoga Poses to Boost Your Confidence

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As the name suggests, restorative yoga makes your body capable of restoring strength, fitness and wellness. Practicing this type of yoga helps the entire body and mind relax.   By Henry Veno Be it personal life or professional, self confidence defines our personality. In this era of bustling lifestyles, people hold too much stress. [...]