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No Coincidences: Beginning the Journey into Iyengar Yoga

  By Nina Rubin There are no coincidences, especially in yoga. I opened my first B.K.S. Iyengar book on a recent morning to learn more about the poses I’ve been practicing. I’m trying to memorize learn the Sanskrit words for all the poses, including postures like eagle (garudasana) and plow (halasana). As a student of yoga for the last decade, with greater emphasis and practice over the last five years, it’s about time. I’ve been that student in class who glances up when the teacher says Utthita Parivṛtta Aṅjaneyāsana. Sheepishly I look at the other students who seem to...

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Bhakti Blossoms {Book Review}

By Tammy Takahashi As a young, fledgling writer in high school, I often found myself penning anything from creative writing exercises to poems, songs and short stories (even a film treatment—I was ambitious!) featuring male protagonists. I never questioned this tendency. My teachers as well, both male and female, never asked me to reflect on why I might not be writing women characters or female perspectives. It took me many years, and a male protagonist-driven novella later, to realize what seems so glaringly obvious: I had been under-examining and also not understanding or embracing a massive part of who...

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Can I Find Salvation on the Mat?

  By J. G. Lewis   Can you find salvation on a yoga mat? Can you strengthen the body while loosening the mind and arrive at this place of freedom everyone talks about? Well not everyone; not the doubtful or the disbelievers (as I was, and perhaps still am). But someone, somewhere (in fact, a lot of some ones) said it was an option. An option was all I could afford. There was little left of me, and even less of what I could believe in. I have placed my faith in the unknown before, and every time I...

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Beer Yoga? Do We Really Need This?

  By Kosta Miachin Beer yoga—yet another yoga hybrid, which this time has made its way overseas from a small yoga studio in Germany. After being discovered by some Australian yoga enthusiasts and then eventually making its way to the UK, it is now being described as the latest international fitness craze. The class takes the form of a regular vinyasa practice, except students combine the poses with taking sips from a beer bottle. “Beer salutations” have replaced sun salutations, and the bottle is even being used as a prop by balancing it on the head to test balance. Let’s take...

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I’m Losing My Namaste So Maybe It’s Time to Kill the Buddha

  By Dana Gornall   Scaling the pale, gold-flecked linoleum covered steps to my basement, I walk partially on tiptoe. The floor is cold against my bare feet, and I tend to walk on tiptoe anyway—a habit I’ve retained from my ballet days, eons ago. I’m rushing, as I tend to often do on weekday mornings, and my clothes are in the dryer. I flip on the light switch, hoping to avoid a cobweb or whatever creepy crawly that may be lurking in the dark, damp basement. Pulling open the dryer door I fish through the clothes and pull...

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