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Yoga 365: Daily Wisdom for Life, On And Off The Mat {Book Review}

  By Melody Lima    As soon as this sweet, petite book arrived at my home I flipped through several pages and tossed it in my bag with a smile. Immediately, Yoga 365: Daily Wisdom for Life, On And Off The Mat become a tool for my practice, as a student and as a yoga teacher both on & off the mat. Its daily structure of inspiration reminded me of Judith Hanson Lasaster’s A Year of Living Your Yoga—a mainstay on many yogi bookshelves. In Yoga 365, Susanna Harwood Rubin shares a yogic rhythm of daily practice with inspirational bits and pieces that...

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Compassion as a Daily Practice On & Off the Mat

  By Melody Lima   As a yogi, when contemplating compassion I instantly hear the definition of ahimsa—non-violence in the present moment toward all beings. Recently, I have been exploring a more community driven definition of compassion, something less personal and bigger than individual. This definition includes agreeing to disagree, letting it go, having patience, living in your personal truth and moving forward into the future with fear or hatred. Compassion is a practice similar to asana, pranayama and meditation. We can improve the shapes we put our physical body into for optimum health and functionality. We can improve our...

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Politics & Pratyahara: Getting through the Election with Yoga.

    By Melody Lima As the external essence of the current Presidential election penetrates my senses, and as the experience becomes more astonishing, disturbing, embarrassing and surreal, I find myself turning inward. Pratyahara is the fifth limb in the Eight Limbs of Yoga outlined for us in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. As a withdrawal of the senses, Pratyahara, is a honing in closer to our experiences—a focus into ourselves without attachment, an escape away from the pain and suffering of the world around us. Many of us voters wish we could escape and hide in a cave. Hang out...

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Taking Yoga Outside for the Fall Season.

By Melody Lima   I spent the good part of this summer unrolling my yoga mat outside. I practiced in the grass, in the sand, on back decks, in a cabin on a mountain and even on a hiking trail. Then I’d hose off my mat and hang it over a nearby railing to dry. When we connect to the earth, literally with our toes in it, we become as connected, grounded and as whole as humanly possible. This connection inspires our yoga practice. Recently I practiced outside in a park in a class setting with other yogis. Some were...

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Everyone Practices Yoga.

  By Melody Lima   I believe that every body can practice yoga—yoga is for everyone. There is a group of adults with disabilities I teach twice a week. We unroll yoga mats, sit down, breath, do standing poses, laugh, balance on one leg, sit down again, stretch, chant and rest. I teach this class with the same intention I teach all other classes; to share yoga with a community in the hope to make their day a little brighter. Most weeks, my day becomes a little brighter and I learn something new about people and yoga practice. There is...

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