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Ayurveda, Exercise and Meditation, Oh My! When Do I Sleep?

  By Sherrin Fitzer My mental, physical and spiritual health is important to me. I read many different books and articles and consult with a variety of doctors and friends. Not obsessively by any means, but I like to have a variety of opinions to consider. This is not meant to be one of those articles that I see so often that suggests “Oh we get contrary information all of the time about whether something is healthy for us so we may as well not do anything at all. We’re going to die anyway.” I like these ideas and...

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Walking the Path of Transition.

  By Lorenzo Inglese As successful human beings, we must learn to embrace change and use it to craft the lives that we desire. Many of you are reading this because your lives are in transition, you are facing uncertainty, or perhaps you are sitting down and trying to create a completely new roadmap for your path in life. I’d like to use this article to discuss some of the mental, emotional and spiritual tools that can help us during such times. Ask anyone going through a transition in their life what emotions they are encountering. Fear is almost certainly...

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