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Meditation: What It Is…and Isn’t.

  By Sharon Salzberg When I first returned in 1974 from studying in India, I’d commonly find myself at a party or social situation where someone would ask me, “What do you do?” When I replied, “I teach meditation,” I’d more often than not hear them say “Oh,” as they sidled away. The implication of their reaction was very clear; “That’s weird!” Nowadays, largely because of scientific research into meditation’s affect on the brain and immune system, and the pioneering efforts of clinicians to study the effects of meditation on all areas of life where the quality of our attention...

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How Our Perceptions Shape Our World.

  By Deb Avery The new 3-D street art that is popping up in the cities is amazingly beautiful. We take our photos standing next to the edge of an abyss, a large wild animal or even in an alien landscape. It’s very realistic—that is until you shift positions, or walk out past that precipice into open space. And instead of falling, you find yourself still on a solid surface. Your body and mind may take a few seconds to register this fact, and you may go through the motions of free fall, even though your feet never leave...

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The 7 Levels of Technological Hell.

  By Heather Hunter Facebook. Twitter. SnapChat. Instagram. Tumblr. Text messaging. Cell phones. These are the many names of stress. The technology we have available to us every waking second of our lives is powerful stuff. In an instant, with few limitations regarding where I am, I can check my bank balance, review business documents, text my daughter, play a meaningless trivia game to pass the time and check in on how or where an old friend from high school is located. I can read the essays and poems of my partners in creative rebellion, view photographs of the countryside...

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Our Standing Brothers and Sisters.

  By Deb Avery I once lived in a foreign land with no stately oaks, no colorful maples or poplars, nor the evergreen beauty of the pines and cedar. Though I was experiencing the enlightenment that comes with living in another culture, I felt at times, desolate and bereft. I missed my standing brothers and sisters deeply. Even though there were flowering bushes in places where water was abundant, I longed to be back walking in the cool shade of the hardwoods and pines. It was a deep ache and it taught me much. I returned with an even...

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Why Silence is Scary.

  By Ty Phillips Science has given us a fairly definitive answer on what noise does to the human body. In a culture that is constantly plugged in, tuned in and on the go, we are in a state of perpetual noise and motion. The TV is on in one room and the radio is on in another. We cook while watching yet another TV that is on in the kitchen. When we take a walk we have our iPods in, oblivious to the world around us and when we drive we drown out the sounds of our children...

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