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Living in the Now Because Today is All We Know for Sure

  By Michele Genzardi   Living in the now, in the moment, cherishing each memory, forgetting about the to-do lists, the laundry, the bills and simply living in the here and now. Those things sound so easy; and I plan to do them all the time. The lunch with a friend, that I keep putting off because the drive is just a bit too far. The picnic in the woods with the kids, that I keep re-scheduling because of playdates, or practices or honestly because the kids are loud and hyper and I’m tired. The date nights, that become...

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Nature’s Lessons on Suffering & the End of Suffering

  By Deb Avery   Pain is an inevitable part of life. Struggling too, has its place but suffering, that’s a whole different thing altogether. For I have found that our suffering is in direct relationship to our ability to accept, adapt and keep our hearts and minds open. When life gets difficult and I find myself struggling, I turn to nature for enlightenment. There is always something there waiting to teach me how to just be, just breathe, and let go. No matter what the situation, nature offers many and varied lessons to those who are willing to...

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Learning to Surf & A Teacher Half My Age

  By Andrew Costa This summer, I learned much from a 20-year old in just three hours. I am 41 years old, eight months sober, and in recovery from alcohol addiction. I used to think the most important lessons in life were learned from elder teachers we studied under for long periods of time. Many of us could probably name a specific mentor we admired growing up: an academic teacher, parents, grandparents, an elderly neighbor, a coach, or a music instructor. Hollywood has produced many mentors; Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid), Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins), Yoda (Star Wars), and John...

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Beer Yoga? Do We Really Need This?

  By Kosta Miachin Beer yoga—yet another yoga hybrid, which this time has made its way overseas from a small yoga studio in Germany. After being discovered by some Australian yoga enthusiasts and then eventually making its way to the UK, it is now being described as the latest international fitness craze. The class takes the form of a regular vinyasa practice, except students combine the poses with taking sips from a beer bottle. “Beer salutations” have replaced sun salutations, and the bottle is even being used as a prop by balancing it on the head to test balance. Let’s take...

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Steeped in Spirituality: My Journey to India {Part 3}

  By Marcee Murray King “When you get to the bus station, and the station is behind you, cross the green bridge on your left,” were the instructions given to me from my Alapatt Homestay. Green-ish would have been a better way to describe it. In fact, some spots where the green still clings would have been more accurate, still. Either way, I didn’t see a bridge and it took me a bit to find someone who spoke English well enough to point me in the right direction. It was where he said, but I needed to walk just...

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