January 2017

Are Salt Lamps Placebos?

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  By David Jones  One of my Christmas presents was a Himalayan salt lamp (and all of its promises). I've been having trouble sleeping; I partly blame my dreams. I can control my dreams, but not every night. Even if I choose not to control them, lucidly analyzing them can still let me know what's bugging me deep [...]

Because Everyone Farts (Even the Dalai Lama)

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  By Alicia Wozniak We've all been there. Our bellies start making noise, our sphincters clench, we start sweating maybe---probably, our eyes widen: a fart is brewing. We look for an escape. Perhaps there is one, but if there isn't---like we're in a meeting and leaving isn't possible, or the walk-run out of the room [...]

December 2016

Mourning Our Celebrities in 2016

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Parasocial relationship is the term used to describe a one-sided relationship in which people relate to a celebrity as if we know them. Some grieve the loss of someone they have never had a relationship with harder than others, and this is not uncommon.   By Debbi Serafinchon There has been a lot [...]

Finding the Sacred in 2016.

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  By BethAnne Kapansky Wright As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 into our grasps, it is my reflection that 2016 was a difficult year for many. The worst, some have said; and I feel that. So many tragedies, so many losses, so many hits to our hearts on global, humanitarian, environmental, political, cultural, [...]