January 2017

Because Everyone Farts (Even the Dalai Lama)

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  By Alicia Wozniak We've all been there. Our bellies start making noise, our sphincters clench, we start sweating maybe---probably, our eyes widen: a fart is brewing. We look for an escape. Perhaps there is one, but if there isn't---like we're in a meeting and leaving isn't possible, or the walk-run out of the room [...]

December 2016

Mourning Our Celebrities in 2016

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Parasocial relationship is the term used to describe a one-sided relationship in which people relate to a celebrity as if we know them. Some grieve the loss of someone they have never had a relationship with harder than others, and this is not uncommon.   By Debbi Serafinchon There has been a lot [...]

Finding the Sacred in 2016.

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  By BethAnne Kapansky Wright As we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 into our grasps, it is my reflection that 2016 was a difficult year for many. The worst, some have said; and I feel that. So many tragedies, so many losses, so many hits to our hearts on global, humanitarian, environmental, political, cultural, [...]

Dear Fellow Weird People:

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Being different is actually a blessing in disguise. And as I've gotten older I have realized that those of us who are weird and different are some of the best people you could ever hope to meet. We certainly make life more interesting.   By Deb Avery Every since I can remember I [...]