October 2017

The Buddha’s Dream of Liberation {Book Review}

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Coleman doesn't just write off-the-cuff in this piece; he provides excerpts and reflections on Suttas and Sutras as well. It's refreshing to read a beginner-intermediate Buddhist book that references the Tripitaka.   By John Pendall James William Coleman has done something that I once dreamed of doing, which is great because it means [...]

September 2017

Sticks & Stones May Break Bones, But Words Can Hurt Us Too

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I don't know why we have these issues with Right Speech, or with Buddhist Ethics in general. It seems like most of us would rather skip that part of Buddhism to get to the, "Good stuff." But Right Speech, Right Action, and Right Livelihood are the good stuff. When it comes to practicality and utility, [...]

August 2017

Please Guru Responsibly

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Men have dominated religion and philosophy for thousands of years, and we've cluttered all of it with our veiled pissing contests, chest pounding and, if you're into Freud (I'm not), innate fear of metaphorical emasculation (I only fear literal emasculation---that sounds highly unpleasant).   By John Pendall I know that the self is [...]

Walking the Lone Buddha Path

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The Lone Buddha Path (also known as a Pratyekabuddha) has gotten a bad rap over the millennia thanks to propaganda from the Mahayana. They've been called arrogant, apathetic, and dim-witted by those ever-compassionate Bodhisattvas who had the clarity of vision to call the early teachings the "Lesser Vehicle." That's not condescending at all, is it? [...]

July 2017

Retreats, The Good, the Bad & the Controversy: 4 Buddhists Walk into a Facebook Chat {Interview}

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By John Author   Following up on the death of Megan Vogt, I felt compelled to interview some TTB columnists so that we could prevent something like this from happening again. Megan developed psychosis after enduring a 10-day S.N. Goenka Vipassana retreat. She leapt from a catwalk under the Norman Wood Bridge, fell through a 120-foot [...]

The Darker Side of Meditation: Please Meditate Responsibly

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Despite all of the possible benefits of meditation, it's entirely possible for it to topple you into psychosis, especially if you push yourself too much.   By John Author For centuries, Zen teachers have told us that practice is about the Great Matter---life and death. Don't take that as hyperbole and gloss over [...]

June 2017

Deadbeat Buddha

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The Suttas say that he almost didn't leave. One account says that, as he looked in on his wife and child before he left, he wanted nothing more than to kiss them and say goodbye. Instead, he vanished into the night because he knew that if he said goodbye, he never would have had [...]

May 2017

Trusting the Way: How a Cynical Die-Hard Atheist Became Buddhist

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After disavowing Christianity, I started smoking a lot of pot and listening to the Beatles. Within You, Without You and Tomorrow Never Knows brought me my first taste of Eastern spirituality. By John Author Dana asked me, "How did you get into Buddhism?" The short answer is, "Curiosity." It was a burning, insatiable [...]