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Looking for Dharma in the Inner City.

  By Ty H. Phillips   The leaves are green and the clouds are grey. The colors of spring seem more vibrant against the dark Cleveland skies. Even with the drizzle, the ghetto streets are filled with screams, shady deals and little boys dressed as girls trying to turn a trick. They run up to cars that slow down and offer a service. The cars in the know make their exchange, those that are surprised by the gender swap upon close inspection start yelling and drive away in a tire squealing huff. Sometimes I laugh. Second story windows the...

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Resentment: Letting Them Live in Your Head, Rent Free.

  By Ty H. Phillips   As a writer, I love words. I have a special fondness for the word insidious. I cannot explain why. I like the sound, I like how it feels rolling off of my Gene Simmons-sized tongue and it seems fitting to so much that goes on in our lives. We tend to see things as neutral or as not so bad, maybe the lesser of two evils so to speak and yet, in the long run, they are ruinous. I work with a person who appears to have an insidious nature. She can be...

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Change Can be Terrifying, but the Raft is not the Shore.

  By Ty H. Phillips   There comes a time in most people’s lives where we must decide whether or not to continue down the path we have been taking. The twists and turns will be the same on most paths—as will the ups and the downs—but what differs are the people we are walking the path with. We have come to two wrong conclusions in our lives; one, that we shouldn’t have to struggle and that struggle means the path is wrong and two that we deserve to suffer, that the excess struggle means we should struggle more....

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Everybody Wants Enlightenment, But Nobody Wants to Lift the Weight.

  By Ty H. Phillips Ronnie Coleman, the eight time winner of the title Mr. Olympia, was quoted as saying, “everybody wants to be a body builder but nobody wants to lift this heavy ass weight.” While not known as an intellectual, he makes a profound point. We all want the end result but we never want to walk through the dirt in order to get there. We live in our disposable society where we bleach our smiles in order to match our pop positive psychology and neglect what is fundamental to good emotional health—our shadow side. Chogyam Trungpa frequently spoke...

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