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What is Right View in Buddhism? {The Eightfold Path}

  By Ty H. Phillips What is Buddhism? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are people and personalities who follow the path. For some, it is a faith, to others a religion. To others still, it is a philosophy—a moral science. Some place great importance on ritual and some on great devotion to the Buddha. The truth is, all of these things can be removed. The Buddha himself was adverse to personality cults; he wanted no worshipers and no religion in his name. He spoke often and openly about his irrelevance. What was important...

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Change Must Come from the Bottom—Be a Light

  By Ty H. Phillips The snow falls gently on hard worn city streets and the light of city lamps dance on the white blanket of cold winter. Small and dirty faces peek out from behind dumpsters and bodies shiver from hunger and cold, while others, well dressed in bright winter wear, make snowmen and pull shiny new sleds up steep hills before they climb aboard and giggle their fast shooting way towards the bottom. Adults are wrapped in fuzzy blankets sipping hot coffee and cocoa while enjoying the colors and sounds of their favorite TV program. Others take...

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This is What it Feels Like to be a Grown Man with Anxiety

  By Ty H. Phillips   I have anxiety. I want to tell you that it does not define me but I can’t. It is the anxiety, not me, that decides when I leave the house when I am able to work, when and how much I am able to eat, who I can see, who I can talk to, what I watch, what I listen to, how often I stand up shower, pee, and move. I have an invisible illness. I don’t expect you to understand and I am not looking for your sympathy. I don’t want anything...

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The Choice to be a Survivor, Not a Victim

  By Ty H. Phillips I’ve always wanted to start an article with Jack Nicholson’s line from Batman; “I was sitting in the bath one day when I realized why I was destined for greatness.” Alas, aside from the mention of it, I cannot. I can however start it with, I was on Facebook one day when a friend of mine who is a satanist reminded me of the Buddha’s teaching on the suffering woman.  I was involved in a thread on child abuse. This is never a fun topic and articles about it tend to show up in...

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The Middle Way Between Warrior & Priest

  By Ty H. Phillips   I tend to be a person of extremes. I can’t remember a time where I felt truly balanced—a time when a middle path was truly a middle path. I am an all or nothing type and in some ways this has helped me succeed and achieve, and in others it has wreaked havoc in my life. I would put all other functions in life secondary to meeting a goal both real and imagined. I would strip away anything that wasn’t a part of my current obsession. These obsessions were never fleeting ones though....

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