October 2016

September 2016

It is Love?

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  By Debbie Lynn Oh that feeling---that lusty, wild, bat-shit crazy feeling. Is it love…or not? With all its veracity, emotional love envelopes our being (mind/body and soul). It is a rush of newness, excitement and confusion but how do we discern if it is true, real and lasting, especially if we are not completely [...]

Ayurveda Recommends More Hugs in Autumn.

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  By Catherine L. Schweig The restless autumn season—and all her marvelous, transformative mischief—is blowing in. She announces her entrance with crisp breezes and days that are balanced with equal amounts of darkness and light, inviting us to examine our own relationship with balance, and nature. For me, autumn is never inconsequential. Instead, it pulls me [...]

Go Forth & Love Deeply.

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  By Gretchen Spletzer   I was thinking yesterday about all that we endure because of the ability to feel so deeply. We not only experience the vast spectrum of feelings but all the way to the outer extremes---and a few of us even have the ability to feel what others feel. The pain and agonies, the [...]

Love is Wishing You Happiness Without Demands.

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  By Deb Avery When we tell someone I love you what do we really mean? Exactly what is this thing called love? I have used this phrase many, many times in my life, with many people, animals and even places. Sometimes it's my way of communicating the attraction, emotions and closeness I've felt with a person in [...]

August 2016

Love is & Always Will Be There (Even if Sometimes it Goes on a Holiday).

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  By Hellena Post We’ve just enacted our shivery skinned, soft lipped, sensual supplication to love---love that leaves a big hole when it goes on vacation, and fills the house to overflowing when it returns. Love that turns a potentially tragic life into a dream. Love that makes sense of everything, imbues with meaning, and [...]