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The Power of Grief & How it Changes Us

  By Carmelene Melanie Siani   “I have to get out of here,” my friend Sarah said in a rush, “I can’t watch this.” Sarah’s mother had recently died of cancer and the movie we were watching—without either of us knowing beforehand—contained a scene in which a woman was losing her mother to cancer. “Sorry,” Sarah was later saying over coffee.  “I felt suffocated. I just couldn’t stand watching what was happening.” Sarah was experiencing what is all too familiar to many of us— a wave of grief. *** “Why did you do that?” the widower who was soon...

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How to Love without Fear? You Fake it till You Make It, Man.

  By Lee Glazier   So, I was enjoying an herbal meditation session the other day, and something awesome happened: I fell in love. Not with a person or any tangible thing, but I literally fell in love, like diving into the Pacific. Just then, my cat ventured into the room. I was so thrilled to see her. I picked her up and hugged her close. For a few breaths, she was my universe. Even though I’m a Dudeist, I don’t imbibe very often. Herbal meditation is almost, ya know, sacred to me. So when I do do it,...

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The Fantasy of the Perfect Romantic Partner

  By Leo Babauta   I have a friend who is lonely, who has such a good heart and desperately wants to find a partner who appreciates that goodness, to share a life with. We have all felt this, I’m guessing: this desire for a deep connection, this hope that another person will just get us and want an intimate relationship with us, the idea that if we could just find this person and merge with them, we’d be fulfilled. What if we tossed that idea out on its head? What if everything we need for happiness and fulfillment is...

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Choose Your Own Adventure…For Real

  By Lisa Meade   Each of us is as unique as our personal story. No two stories are the same. And even in our personal story, depending upon the perspective, there can be major differences. It is within these perspectives that our power awaits us. Every relationship—every experience—helps our story take shape and form. Depending on the perspective that we hold about these relationships and experiences we can have a personal story that is fuel for negative thinking and patterns of poor choices or our personal story that can be filled with powerful thoughts and a life filled...

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There is Beauty in a Broken Heart—An Impossible Gratitude

  By John Pendall I’m terrified of love. It’s raised me higher than any philosophy, religious experience or drug. It’s pulled me into the deepest pits of despair, where even suicide sounds pointless. How can something have such power? How can it inspire such phenomenal acts of creation and destruction? I’m skeptical that something so earth shattering is simply the result of neurons firing. That theory seems even more ridiculous than the most far fetched New Age gibberish. It makes sense on paper, but it doesn’t hold up in real life. It doesn’t hold up when we see the...

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