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There is Always Something: On Mindfulness & Suffering

  By John Lee Pendall Suffering—you’ve gotta feel your suffering. Not with the intention to do something with it, to see past it, or move through it. You just have to feel it to feel it. Everything else—all the whys—are rationalizations. Really, you just have to feel it because, well, it’s there. And since it’s there it deserves your attention, it’s begging for your attention. And there will be times… there’ll be a time when all you want more than anything else in the whole world is to be held, but there might not be anyone there to hold...

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How to be the Perfect Husband {A Teacher Story}

By Louis De Lauro 21 years ago, the teachers at school held a wedding shower for me and somebody baked a delicious chocolate cake. A plastic ball and chain was attached to my ankle and I got 30 index cards with suggestions or maybe they were specific directions on how to be the perfect husband. Make her breakfast. Bake her cookies. Get her a puppy. Bring her flowers. Give her awesome neck massages. Learn to play guitar and serenade her with love songs. Remember she is always in charge. I can’t remember the other 22, but these eight stuck...

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5 Types of People to Avoid on Your Personal Growth Journey

  By Crystal Caracciolo We have all heard the saying “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” This seems to warrant the idea that we are much like the company we keep, and for some this may be true. However, if we are spiritually and personally growing and expanding, it is presenting as the exact opposite. When we start to improve our lives with personal development or are on the journey of our spiritual awakening slowly realizing our inner wisdom and potential, we begin to look more closely at whom we surround ourselves...

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Right Speech: It’s Not about Being Perfect, but Owning Up to It {The Eightfold Path}

  By John Lee Pendall So, here’s my first contribution during Right Speech week for the Living the 8 challenge. I won’t be posting a journal article each day because most days just aren’t that eventful in my life. However, feel free to check out the FB group for more interactions. DAY 1 “I said stop hollering at me! You don’t have any authority over me. Who do you think you are?” That was me chastising a co-worker. This was actually yesterday—so, I guess Day 0—-but, I’m throwing it in here anyway and there’s nothing you can do to...

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At The Heart Of Right Thought: It Starts with Our Reactions {The Eightfold Path}

By Deb Avery We tend to make things so difficult sometimes. We read and study many books and teachings about what this teacher teaches and what that one believes. We worry about following this lineage or that. Maybe we feel that we must learn all of the proper words, mudras and rituals before we can genuinely practice Buddhism. But, in all actuality, it is very simple: what is in our hearts and our minds creates the world around us. At the heart of any Buddhist practice is the Eightfold Path. The Path can be as simple or as complicated...

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