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The Reason We Defend the Defenseless (Even When they are Hate Groups)

  By Carmelene Melanie Siani For a little over ten years, over two episodes of employment, I worked for a criminal defense attorney in Tucson. I came to him fresh from knowing all about criminal defense and what it was like. After all, like millions of other Americans, I had watched Perry Mason, hadn’t I? Of course, my young (arrogant) mind was opened when I realized that in fact, I didn’t know a thing about criminal defense—or what criminal defense attorneys actually did. I remember clearly the day soon after I’d gotten the job when I sat with my shorthand...

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How Do We (as Buddhists) Respond to Violence?

  By Alex Chong Do Thompson I entered my first full-contact karate tournament when I was 13 years old. I’d been training for several years at that point, and after watching Enter The Dragon one to many times, I decided that I wanted to test myself against a real opponent. It took some convincing, but eventually my dad packed up the family car, and drove me to a tournament in Chicago, Illinois That’s how I found myself standing across from the child version of Ivan Drago, from Rocky IV. My opponent was 6 inches taller than me with biceps...

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Yes, Even Well-Meant Rants Can be a Form of Violence

  By Debbie Lynn I was off the grid for a while. When we returned, I was more than appalled by the current affairs and the horrid happenings (not to mention my disdain to the non-stop rhetoric of POTUS responding to the atrocity). As I scrolled though my news feed I read a myriad soap-boxed posts professing their “whiteness” and love for all colors, races and creeds, etc. With my heart and mind aflame I started to join the call, but as I did, something changed inside me. I thought I was armed and ready to shame the shamers...

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We Can No Longer Tolerate the Intolerance

  By J.G. Lewis In all the scintillating sentences, salacious sound bites, news and views published, broadcast and available 24/7, there is a lot of nonsense about who belongs where. Much of the talk originally (though not original) comes top-down from political leaders as they stand tall to proclaim rights and responsibilities that clearly go against the way this planet has been evolving. In this ever-hungry news cycle, the comments make headlines— grabbing the first seconds of the newscast—and the views proliferate and become coffee-shop talk and idle banter. Those people stuck in the past herald these tired, old bigoted...

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The Passing of Buddhist Teacher Michael Stone & The Reason We Need to Talk More About It

  By Daniel Scharpenburg Michael Stone was a pretty famous Buddhist teacher from Canada. I’m not going to lie to you and say I was a fan, as people often do when celebrities die. I had heard his name, but I didn’t really know anything about him, to be quite honest. I know that he taught Buddhism and Yoga. He was a non-traditional Buddhist teacher. He studied with Zen and Insight meditation teachers. He believed Buddhism didn’t have to be held back by tradition. He famously said on his website “I don’t wear robes.” From his website: “And I believe...

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