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There’s Something Happening Here

  By Deb Avery There is an undercurrent of violence running through the heart of our country. It isn’t new, but it is changing, mutating and growing. As the population continues to soar, so too will the violence, the horrors and the atrocities. Unless we do something to bring about a change. It’s so easy to look at the recent histories of shootings in this country and blame the gun laws and politicians. And a lot of that is simply the truth. But there are so many layers to the insidious nature of violence. When you begin to peel...

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Right Speech: Speak Through the Heart {The Eightfold Path}

  By Debbie Lynn An interesting thing is happening in our society with the movement of “being heard and speaking out,” and I can’t help but wonder why it took so long. This isn’t about the feminist movement or the “Me Too” movement; it is about simply coming back to our logical sensibilities and the art of respect—Right Speech—the act of thinking, speaking and acting in kindness. I am not sure when the art of respect went out the door, but the art of talking trash swooped in like storm and has devalued our very essence, our core, and...

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No, Westerners are not Culturally Misappropriating (Stealing) Buddhism {A Rebuttal}

  By Tyson Davis John Pendall, a colleague of mine (I’m shamelessly elevating my status here) at The Tattooed Buddha wrote a wonderful article about American Buddhism and cultural appropriation. Wonderful, but I disagree. Take a look at it here. In the article he states that we Western Buddhists are definitely guilty of cultural appropriation. In my rebuttal I’m going to pretend that cultural appropriation is actually a thing; that’s hard for me to do. But today I won’t argue that it isn’t real, I’ll just let you know why Western Buddhism, and Eastern Buddhism for that matter, aren’t...

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Solstice in Dixie

  By Deb Avery At this time of the year the darkness closes in early and the cold winds blow. Things can seem pretty bleak to those who only glimpse the surface of reality. But underneath the cold ground and deep within the forests, streams and gardens, there is a lot of internal workings going on. It may seem that death and darkness prevail, but actually preparations are in full swing. There is a lot of nourishing, resting and rejuvenation in progress. And soon the darkness will begin to lift, almost imperceptibly at first, mere seconds a day, gradually...

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Change Must Come from the Bottom—Be a Light

  By Ty H. Phillips The snow falls gently on hard worn city streets and the light of city lamps dance on the white blanket of cold winter. Small and dirty faces peek out from behind dumpsters and bodies shiver from hunger and cold, while others, well dressed in bright winter wear, make snowmen and pull shiny new sleds up steep hills before they climb aboard and giggle their fast shooting way towards the bottom. Adults are wrapped in fuzzy blankets sipping hot coffee and cocoa while enjoying the colors and sounds of their favorite TV program. Others take...

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