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Today I Prayed

  By Debbie Lynn Hanging on to the edge of change; autumn is looming, sultry, dark and slightly oppressive, but the feeling is comfortable and I wonder, if that is a sign of submission. As I watch the sun begin to rise and illuminate the ground, I feel a bit of raw-guilt in my gut. I pause; life is good, I am happy and yet somehow (I don’t know why) there is a part of me that feels undeserving. Contentment is as viable as it is elusive—soft, menacing and full of trickery. The minutes of light are dispersing ever...

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More Alike Than Different

  By Brian Westbye I have come to realize that all around the world the ingredients are the same: only the presentation differs. And we would do well to think a little more deeply about our ingredients and presentation. I’ve long been an acolyte of Anthony Bourdain. His landmark 1999 expose/memoir in The New Yorker, Don’t Eat Before Reading This, unearthed some nasty restaurant-industry trade secrets, making him the Jim Bouton of the culinary world and I have followed his rise from cranky middle-age ex-junky chef to renowned author to television phenomenon. I greatly enjoy his snark and love of gastro adventure....

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No Choice But to be Present: Spiritual Reflections on What Emerges from Political Crisis

  By Joe Lamport High in a hilltop meadow in Nova Scotia, overlooking the basalt reaches of the Bay of Fundy, it’s possible to contemplate the Age of Trump, without inducing the usual gag reflex from the onrush of outrage and bile. The Canadians we find ourselves amongst are warm and sympathetic hosts who have attained a far more measured outlook on the bizarre turn of events in the lower 48—this too shall pass, they assure us. It reinforces our gratitude for having come north to this tranquil spot, far removed from the daily barrage of breaking news and fake...

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The Resolution for Hate & Violence is not More Hate & Violence

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling I’ve been a big fan of Daryl Davis since I first heard his story on This American Life maybe 15 years ago. He’s the African-American musician who in 30 years has made friends with hundreds of Ku Klux Klan members. I’ve heard that he plays piano like Jerry Lee Lewis. He was playing in a nightclub somewhere in the deep South, much to the delight of a couple of middle-aged white patrons, who caught his show again the next night, and they approached Davis and told them how much they enjoyed his piano playing. They...

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The Reason We Defend the Defenseless (Even When they are Hate Groups)

  By Carmelene Melanie Siani For a little over ten years, over two episodes of employment, I worked for a criminal defense attorney in Tucson. I came to him fresh from knowing all about criminal defense and what it was like. After all, like millions of other Americans, I had watched Perry Mason, hadn’t I? Of course, my young (arrogant) mind was opened when I realized that in fact, I didn’t know a thing about criminal defense—or what criminal defense attorneys actually did. I remember clearly the day soon after I’d gotten the job when I sat with my shorthand...

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