October 2017

Today I Prayed

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I am praying, and I haven’t been on bended knee for such a long time. I am worried, and I am not a worrier. The escalation of horror is like a nasty movie with no ending. It doesn’t seem real, yet we are all affected somehow and the vibration is carrying a message. I [...]

September 2017

No Choice But to be Present: Spiritual Reflections on What Emerges from Political Crisis

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The positive outcome I'm thinking about is on a more personal level. In a time of political and social crisis, each of us faces the challenge of renewing our understanding and connection to the society we live in. The old world order is most likely irretrievably lost, which means this is a good time [...]

August 2017

The Resolution for Hate & Violence is not More Hate & Violence

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It takes guts and balls and courage to do what Daryl Davis does. The results of these friendships is secondary to the friendships themselves. If you don’t browbeat people, you can influence them.   By Gerald "Strib" Stribling I’ve been a big fan of Daryl Davis since I first heard his story on [...]

We Can No Longer Tolerate the Intolerance

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Lately it is all you hear about, whether gender-based, nationality, faith, or sexual orientation. The ‘anti’ talk comes from many sources, but right now there is one particular politician trumping out divisive language devised to prop up beliefs that one race, one religion (one country) is superior to all others.   By J.G. [...]

July 2017

The Passing of Buddhist Teacher Michael Stone & The Reason We Need to Talk More About It

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There's a huge tendency to think that Buddhist teachers are better than us (especially really talented teachers like Michael Stone) or that they're somehow beyond the problems that all human beings have. But they aren't. We're all human and we all have these frailties.   By Daniel Scharpenburg Michael Stone was a pretty [...]

The Darker Side of Meditation: Please Meditate Responsibly

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Despite all of the possible benefits of meditation, it's entirely possible for it to topple you into psychosis, especially if you push yourself too much.   By John Author For centuries, Zen teachers have told us that practice is about the Great Matter---life and death. Don't take that as hyperbole and gloss over [...]