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I Wear Your Face.

    By Marcee Murray King I can’t escape it. I have spent my life trying to not see it, to forget the similarities I bear to you in personality. Behavior. Looks. I have not seen you in almost nine years—your choice—yet there you are, having spent the last three years alone, drunk, on pills, haggard and now filled with cancer that is eating you alive.  I am here, of course. And still, all everyone says when they see us together this day in the nursing home is, “You look just like her! It is unbelievable!” I joke with...

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Mom is a Dirty Word.

By Samantha Rife How often is your husband asked, “How do you manage your work/life balance?” Chances are, not very often. Women now make up half of all workers in the United States, and nearly four in 10 homes include a mom who works outside the home. Because of societal expectations of the disproportionate time moms spend child rearing in comparison to dads, moms working outside the home are asked that dreaded work/life question all too often. Consequently, working moms experience major emotions of guilt and stress. “Am I neglecting my family?” “Should I sacrifice my career?” “And if...

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Chop Wood. Carry Water. Make the Bed. A Lesson in Mindful Parenting.

  By Jenn Moore Mehmke “Why does everything have to be so neat with you?” The words shot like pins out of my six year old stepdaughter’s mouth. Stepdaughter…I am still new to parenting multiples. Until this past September, it was just me and my son Atticus (age seven) and he has never really challenged me. The extent of my discipline has been the use of my serious voice; he hates it when I use my serious voice (his words). Through an alteration in my tone and cadence, I have been able to parent in even the roughest situations....

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5 Precepts of Parenting & Practice.

  By Ty Phillips As Brynn and I trudged through the metroparks today, I became enraptured within the welcoming silence and beauty of the snow covered forest. As I stood in awe I noticed a shared silence. My three year old, usually boisterous and always at a volume level 10, was silent. I turned to look and to my delight, she was staring in the same wondering manner, as I. We gazed up at the mighty snow covered boughs and the nimble pines as they bent down their great wreathed limbs to touch us. This was her first time being...

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Sewn Together.

  By Dana Gornall I have a patchwork quilt kind of family. While yes, I know most everyone does—families tend to contain varying degrees of personality types in them—but mine is quite literally a patchwork quilt. There is a part of me that is envious of the people who have accounts and can trace their lineage back to the Mayflower, early Japan or the Druids of England, but for me there are only stories and photo albums of those that have become my family through this hand crafted paper chain of people. It’s kind of tricky when my...

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