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It’s Going to be Alright. I Found You.

  By Carolyn Riker You left me outside by the quarter-a-ride spotted rocking pony. All I wanted was to sit and pretend to ride. Before you even spoke I heard, “No. Not today.” We were always in a hurry. I begged and pleaded, the way a typical four year old would. You shamed and scolded, “Act like a big girl.” Stubborn, I watched you go. I didn’t cry as you walked away. When my tiny world of rebellion had run its course, I knew I needed to find you. I walked the aisles and when I didn’t see you, I fought the tears...

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Becoming the Enemy.

By Jennifer S. White We can only be treated like the enemy for so long before we become one. I thought this to myself as I dealt with my daughter this morning. Jealous of the new baby, she’s decided that I’m no longer always her wonderful mother. No, sometimes I’m the traitor, the one who (she thinks, of course) loves the baby more, the one who pushed her lovely self aside to bring someone else home, to share our lives. But this story isn’t about her jealousy or how we’re handling it. Instead, what I want to tell about is how,...

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Shaking Hands with my Mother.

  By Sue Adair I was never close with my mother growing up. When she offered to come up and help me right after the baby was born, I tried to get out of it. What would we do? What in hell would I ever say to her? Even though I had only known my boyfriend a couple of months before I got pregnant, I knew it was the right thing to keep this baby and to get married. So what if he didn’t have a job and lived in a house way out in the country with no...

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Agreeing to Disagree: Avoiding Dogma.

  By Michelle Margaret Fajkus I love my mother, of course; she gave me life and nurtured me when I was growing up. She can be delightful, funny and caring at times. Unfortunately (for me), she has become more and more devoutly Catholic since I’ve been an adult and also more judgmental and harsh toward those of us who do not “see the light” or choose the same spiritual path that she has chosen. When we visited my family in Austin for the holidays in December, I declined her invitation to attend Mass on Christmas. Mainly because if I went,...

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Less Than Pretty.

  By Dana Gornall I came to dance out of necessity. At around age five, I would wake up fairly regularly in the middle of the night screaming in pain from leg cramps. My bewildered mother took me to the doctor (of course), who sent me to another doctor who recommended surgery to cut the muscles in my legs. They were tighter than they were supposed to be, and this seemed to be a quick and easy “fix.” Instead she followed another doctor’s suggestion and signed me up for dance. I quickly fell head over heels in love—the smell...

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