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Living in the Now Because Today is All We Know for Sure

  By Michele Genzardi   Living in the now, in the moment, cherishing each memory, forgetting about the to-do lists, the laundry, the bills and simply living in the here and now. Those things sound so easy; and I plan to do them all the time. The lunch with a friend, that I keep putting off because the drive is just a bit too far. The picnic in the woods with the kids, that I keep re-scheduling because of playdates, or practices or honestly because the kids are loud and hyper and I’m tired. The date nights, that become...

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The Unanticipated Waves of Grief

  By Kat Charlesworth It has only been a couple months since my daughter passed away. The days without her are much like working a bad job. I muddle through, trying to stay busy and do what needs to be done. I see a grief counselor; I go to support groups. I am from all appearances—even to myself—doing amazingly well, considering. I have only had one meltdown that left me hysterical and unable to function. I left work and took the rest of the day and the next off to find a counselor. I have a strong spiritual life...

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My Guru is Only 6 Years Old

  By Ty H. Phillips I am going to make the assumption that we have all heard the saying, “out of the mouths of babes..” Of course this is not referring to beautiful women, but rather children. We hear truths from them because they just speak, often without thinking, and they share the truth as it is presented to them. They have no compunction against telling you that your breath stinks, that your haircut looks bad, or that you are being mean and nasty. When we are receptive to what they are telling us, children will often be our...

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The Faces of Meditation: Oona

  My name is Oona. I am 7 years old. I will be in 2nd grade at my school in Knoxville, TN this fall. I like to meditate. I have been meditating for one year. I learned how to meditate in a temple with my friends from Burma. I like to meditate because it calms me down. Meditation is also yoga. Meditation could be anything, like gardening, as long as you concentrate. I can meditate for five minutes.   Photo: Oona Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)Click to...

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Being a Buddhist Grandpa

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling Since I used to be a Kindergarten teacher, I have known many little girls, and in particular, Asian little girls. I have a Buddhist Sunday school full of them. Like Mark Twain, I unabashedly associate with little girls, because they’re the best company there one can find. And now I have my own little cadre of granddaughters—three of them, in fact. All hens, no cocks. A lot of times I have a hard time maintaining my Buddhist composure when they’re around, and sometimes I lose it altogether, and that makes me feel bad. What kind...

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