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September 2016

Ayurveda Recommends More Hugs in Autumn.

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  By Catherine L. Schweig The restless autumn season—and all her marvelous, transformative mischief—is blowing in. She announces her entrance with crisp breezes and days that are balanced with equal amounts of darkness and light, inviting us to examine our own relationship with balance, and nature. For me, autumn is never inconsequential. Instead, it pulls me [...]

August 2016

This is Why Homeschooling Could Begin the Downfall of Civilization.

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Photo: street against   By Denele Campbell   In mid-June the Arkansas Department of Education announced a public comment period on the implementation of new rules regarding home schooled students. But don't worry if you didn't comment, your input wouldn’t make much difference. These rules are mere housekeeping details in the wake of legislation enacted over the [...]

July 2016