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Becoming Buddhist

  By Julia Prentice I am a baby Buddhist. I am becoming, unfolding like the 8 fold path, with twists and turns and ups and downs. There are many more folds than eight for me right now. I am attempting meditation, some days more fruitful than others, and some days I don’t choose it and feel the loss and shame of not living up to my high, high standards. Other days my mind is jumping like a fish out of water, flopping and struggling to breathe. Then I remember my Buddhist teacher, and saying good morning to myself in...

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My Beautiful Teacher

  By Louis De Lauro I was never officially her student, but Megan was my teacher. She was a tiny, blonde-haired little girl, with pretty eyes and pale skin. I wasn’t surprised at all about her passing. She died young; it was just a few days before the start of a brand new school year. I remember being in Harvey Cedars at the Jersey Shore with my big Italian family. We were staying in a grand beach house steps away from the ocean. I remember the sunny skies, mini-golf, and laughter at seafood dinners. I remember a phone call...

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Parenting with Right Intention {The Eightfold Path}

  By J. G. Lewis   Most, or many, of us are born into parenthood. We don’t think of it in our younger days. We might talk about it as we get older, but then it just happens. Then—regardless of all you have experienced—you realize how aptly unprepared you are for the process, the role and the outcome. As I see it, nothing exemplifies, or personifies, our attempt at Right Intention/Thought more than our everyday struggle to be a parent. It is a living and breathing example on how we try, how we fail, and how we wake up...

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Mindful Millennial Mom

  By Reanna Spain As a millennial, I’m part of the last generation of individuals who experienced life BC (before cellphones). Back before “office hours” became checking a quick email during dinner, and when reading the news meant sitting in your rocker on Sunday morning with a hot cup of Joe; not sitting in the stands of your kids t-ball game scrolling through Facebook during innings. Distraction doesn’t even adequately describe it: it’s just become the norm—all these things constantly vying for our attention with equal persistence. Who can blame us? Phones beep and buzz and light up. They...

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Right Livelihood: The Work We Do Matters

  By Peter Schaller My grandfather was a carpenter all his life. I don’t know if he ever told me how he learned the trade, but I do know that he built many houses in Connecticut, during a large portion of the twentieth century. He was born in 1900 and I suspect that he probably built most of the homes from the 30s to the 60s. I have always imagined him sitting with perspective clients, young couples pursuing the American Dream before it was kidnapped and held for ransom. They would have bright eyes and comfortable dreams, as my...

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