March 2017

Environmental Poisons Hurting Our Nation’s Children—Especially Low Income Families

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  By Denele Campbell As of 2002, the majority of Medicaid beneficiaries (54%) were children under the age of six years. Contrary to the popular myth of aging slackers, drug addicts, and welfare queens sucking at the national teat, this majority of Medicaid provides healthcare to children and adolescents with limitation of activity due to [...]

February 2017

Get Over It, Because Only Productive Dialogue Leads to Understanding

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Did anyone think that he would suddenly veer off the positions in which the political right has grown increasingly entrenched for the last 50 years? I didn’t. By Denele Campbell Tuesday I attended a town hall meeting sponsored by Rep. Steve Womack (Republican) of our 3rd Congressional District (Northwest Arkansas). The room would comfortably [...]

September 2016

Another War with the Indians.

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  By Denele Campbell This past weekend I attended my 50-year class reunion. While I was there, I visited the fabulous Coleman Theater, a restored 1930s opera house that graces the main street of Miami Oklahoma. The guided tour through its opulent staircases and gilded facades included a narrative about George Coleman himself.[1] Coleman [...]

August 2016

This is Why Homeschooling Could Begin the Downfall of Civilization.

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Photo: street against   By Denele Campbell   In mid-June the Arkansas Department of Education announced a public comment period on the implementation of new rules regarding home schooled students. But don't worry if you didn't comment, your input wouldn’t make much difference. These rules are mere housekeeping details in the wake of legislation enacted over the [...]

July 2016

An Update on the Duggars.

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  By Denele Campbell One year ago, the Duggar family’s oldest son Josh had his coming out party as a pervert. News broke of his serial molestation of five young girls. Four were his sisters. Despite some local politics involving the newspaper, Springdale police, and Arkansas Department of Human Services, most of the story finally [...]

April 2016

Is LGBT New?

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  By Denele Campbell Is LGBT new? Is it the craven abandon of our modern godless age that foments such perversion, as social conservatives believe? Briefly, no. The Greek island of Lesbos, currently under pressure in the route of refugees seeking safe harbor from war in Syria and Iraq, gave its name to the practice [...]

March 2016

Have a Sexy Easter, Y’all.

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  By Denele Campbell   This morning my Facebook newsfeed included an image of a bloody thorn-crowned Christ on the cross. I’ve never understood why death is enshrined in our culture, especially at a time we’re seeing the natural world revive from winter. This is spring. Why worship death? In reality, spring equinox and the [...]

January 2016

Opioid Dependent Babies: Targeting Mothers.

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  By Denele Campbell In 2003, the federal government began requiring states to develop strategies to deal with drug-dependent newborns. This came in response to an increasing number of babies born with opioid dependence. “The number of prescriptions for opioids (hydrocodone and oxycodone products) have escalated from around 76 million in 1991 to nearly 207 million in 2013, [...]

December 2015

If We Want the Violence to Stop: Thoughts on ISIS.

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  By Denele Campbell   Some Facebook posts circulating since the Paris tragedy voice outrage that the U.S. and its allies failed to stop ISIS at its inception. To those I ask what, pray tell, was the beginning? Was it during the 300 years of Crusades when Western European Christians invaded the Middle East to drive [...]

October 2015

The American Way: The Free Ride is Over.

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  By Denele Campbell We did this to ourselves. This is our legacy. Is it really any surprise that so much in our nation has devolved into violence? We set foot on American shores and through violence eradicated the bulk of the indigenous population. We justified our killing with belief in our superiority, our "divine right" [...]