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The Cup of Tea That Changed Everything

  By Marcee Murray King   There is a magic found in threes. I always come to attention a bit more when things happen in threes, noticing the significance of the moment, waiting to find out what follows, or—as I did this time—stepping into it as if it is an invitation to something new. This is how I had my life-changing cup of tea. I was visiting my son in Ashville, North Carolina. We met each other downtown for lunch, and while walking to a restaurant he pointed to Dobra Tea and said, “Mom, you should go there.” I...

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Great Soil, a lot of Sweat & Two Very Humbling Lessons

  By Peter Schaller “You must have great soil,” my friend said as I showed her pictures of my garden, my thriving yard farm. Since moving into our new house a year ago, my son and I set out to make our small yard into an edible paradise. In addition to producing clean food, sequestering carbon and improving the soil, it has also been a sweaty, gritty sort of therapy. After a long and complicated divorce, we had finally found a place to make a new beginning. What better way to cultivate peace than through plants? As I processed...

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Environment as Self: A Buddhist Perspective on Climate Change

  By Noah Harrell Around the world, climate change has been one of the most important topics of discussion for decades now. It ranges from people being worried about the threat of global extinction to those denying any evidence of change. Amidst this chaotic and polarizing time of half truths and misinformation, perhaps reflecting on our spiritual heritage and the rich history of Buddhism may be able to give us some insights into our current situation. Around the time of the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, roughly 2500 years ago, many schools of thought and practice have developed in the name...

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Vegan Chunky Vegetable Soup with Tomato, Curry & Ginger Broth {Recipe}

  By Erica Leibrandt   One dreary January day, after all the Christmas décor had been madly stripped away, and I had but a few morsels of food laying about the house (but an unnaturally bloated body thanks to the recent excess of the holidays), I came up with this wonderful recipe. Both rich and clean tasting, exotic and homey, I am convinced it can solve the lion’s share of problems in this world. Or at least in my world, where the best solutions seem to come in the shape of yummy food. Chunky Vegetable Soup with Tomato, Curry,...

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Exotic Moroccan Lentil Stew {Vegan, Gluten Free Recipe}.

    By Erica Leibrandt Lentils and I have a decades long love affair, beginning with my first taste of Dal in the legendary Indian restaurant Moti Mahal, on an sub-arctic December day (much like this day) back in college in Chicago. Something about that warming vegetarian broth, its unassuming richness and depth, and the fact that is clearly originated in a far away country, immediately enchanted me. After I learned how to cook vegan food, of course, I realized that lentils are a great dietary staple, high in fiber and protein, with a great umami meatiness that takes...

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