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The Yellow Ribbon for the Dalai Lama

  By Tammy T. Stone Thousands of people have already crowded into the sprawling Kalachakra Temple compound in Dharamsala, India by the time my husband and I arrive at 8:00 a.m. We’re gathering in anticipation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s first day of teachings at the very temple where he has his private chambers, and where he frequently addresses the public. Everywhere you look, your eyes rest on a sea of Tibetan monks, nuns and laypeople, a sizable smattering of foreign tourists and a substantial sprinkling of Indians, many of them journalists, cameras and video gear in tow....

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Redefining Religion: Meeting the Buddha Again for the First Time.

  By Michelle Margaret Fajkus   “At its etymological root, religion is what rebinds or reunites us with the sacred. Many of us long for this return from exile and then discover that it leads us toward existential danger—the deconstruction and rearrangement of our very sense of self and reality. In common usage, religion often refers to the belief systems and institutions that surround this longing.” ~ Joan Sutherland Roshi Buddhism can be, and is, practiced as a religion by many people worldwide who don robes, ring bells, burn incense as they bow, chant and meditate. Yet, as the...

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The Forming of The Twelve: Spiritual Teacher Lineage in Christianity.

  By David Jones A Buddhist teacher and friend of mine had asked if a spiritual teacher’s lineage (as important as some folks see it) is vital to preserving the unadulterated teachings of an acknowledged authority? Or is it just another thing that divides us—another form of segregation? I can’t speak to its necessity in Buddhism, but the early Christian culture struggled with the same basic question. Hebrew history saw the spiritual and judicial authority passed down from teacher to student, and the student became teacher to the next in an unbroken line from Moses. But by the first century CE,...

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5 Things You May Not Know About the Buddha.

  By Gayla Patrick Did you know Buddha sported a man bun? Reportedly, Buddha’s acorn-like hairdo has been mistakenly identified as snails. Legend claims that the snails would cover his head on their own accord to either keep it warm or to keep it cool. However, this is not the case at all. Rather, his ancient hairstylists were actually artists from an early Buddhist territory called Gandhara which is now what we refer to as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Apparently, curly hair tied up in a knot at the top of the head was the happening style of the times....

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Recovery, Redemption & the Finger Necklace.

  By Mary Gustafso At first, I saw the heartwarming message of redemption and forgiveness contained in this story, but after a year of reflection, I can see the recovery story hidden in this miraculous text. When Angulimala was born, his astrologer saw weapons flashing in the star constellations and predicted a lifetime of violent crime. Angulimala’s father named him Ahimsaka, which means “harmless one,” in an attempt to prevent this terrible fate. No one could have guessed that Ahimsaka was destined to reach enlightenment in this lifetime, having learned enormous lessons as a man-eating spirit in his previous life....

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