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Stop Trying to Make Life Spiritual (It Already Is)

  By Debbie Lynn When we quit trying to make life spiritual, it becomes spiritual. Fairies and unicorns, ashes to ashes, we always want a shamanistic spark to enhance our routine so we wait. We wait and wait and lay the responsibility on the mythical, when the truth is: All creatures great and small are here to gently remind us our own super-power that lies within. Yes, it is in us—the onus is ours. It’s a huge freedom really, as we finally understand that all the gods—whether it be God, entities, aliens, or gurus—that we long to know are...

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God Speed

  By Debbie Lynn Last week, my husband was seriously wounded in a head-on crash in the Caribbean, (Turks and Caicos). His injuries were critical enough that the E.R. doctor strongly advised that he be life flighted to the U.S. Of course, I complied. And although his wounds were life threatening and painful, I am happy to report the worst is now over. Overwhelmed with emotion (and without much detail) I put I plea out on Facebook for positive vibes and/or prayer. The outpouring was mind-bending, heart-felt and sublime. But mixed in with all the love, was an undertone...

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Zen Encounters in The Bible Belt

  By Deb Avery   At 8:00 AM the waiting room of the local clinic in my small town was sparsely populated—an elderly couple, one lady in her 30’s, and myself being the sole occupants. Usually I find a quiet corner and read until I’m called back, but this morning, while leaving in a hurry, my book was left on the kitchen table. Having thumbed through any and all of the halfway interesting, old magazines on previous visits, I simply sat and waited my turn. The other occupants were busily engaged in small talk about various subjects. And as...

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That Time I Went to a Sweat Lodge at Camp Gaea

  By Daniel Scharpenburg It was 2015, and the second time I went to the Heartland Pagan Festival at Camp Gaea. I was asked to camp out and lead a meditation workshop, which I had previous done in 2014. It’s a weird festival in the woods for hippies, artists, and radicals. I want to compare it to Burning Man, but I don’t know anything about Burning Man, so I had better not. From what I’ve gathered, modern paganism has a festival culture, in the same way that modern Buddhism has a retreat culture. People travel from all over to go...

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Disappearing Stress with Meditative Wizardry

  By Andrew Peers Stress is one of the greatest scourges of our times for the modern (working or non-working) person. It raises its ugly head in many forms, even when we aren’t working and supposed to be relaxing, or retired from work. Stress always comes with an uncomfortable feeling of disturbance. The mind rattles off its cares on an endlessly revolving carousel of thoughts that can keep us awake at night. Though the local minister might not agree, meditation is detachable from the religious rules and regulations that make it too constrictive for many—a price they’re not prepared...

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