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We are Human {The Eightfold Path}

  By J.G. Lewis Perception indeed. One issue, any issue, may be viewed as right or wrong. Depending on personal morals, ethics, politics, spirituality (religion for those so inclined), or logic, we often grapple with what is correct. We are human. Right or wrong may not seem obvious at times. Even the public (or popular) view of what is right, or wrong, is blurred in the present. So, we ask questions of each other, and more of our selves. The answers are not always there. What is free speech, and what is considered hatred? Who has the right to...

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From Darkness to Light: Contemplation on the Longest Night of the Year

  By J.G. Lewis We will soon leave this day, the shortest of the year, and surrender to the darkness. Knowing that each day forward we will experience more light, this is the optimum time to sit and find the stillness that comes with the night. Embrace the darkness and set your bearings, check your needs, your wants, and desires; we all have them, yet too often the pace of everyday life denies us opportunities. Or we deny ourselves. Today, as we honour the winter solstice, find a moment to find your purpose, even in the midst of whatever...

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Solstice in Dixie

  By Deb Avery At this time of the year the darkness closes in early and the cold winds blow. Things can seem pretty bleak to those who only glimpse the surface of reality. But underneath the cold ground and deep within the forests, streams and gardens, there is a lot of internal workings going on. It may seem that death and darkness prevail, but actually preparations are in full swing. There is a lot of nourishing, resting and rejuvenation in progress. And soon the darkness will begin to lift, almost imperceptibly at first, mere seconds a day, gradually...

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System of Down: Stop Getting Caught Up in Beliefs (there is so much more)

  By Debbie Lynn Dogmas and beliefs tend to trip us up and keep us in a closed-minded space, they also keep us away from a bigger view. And although the view is expansive, we will never be able to fully see it when we are bound to one opinion—one dimension, in time and space. It took me a long time to understand that it was my own attitude that was holding me back from real happiness, and that I had only scratched the surface of misunderstandings about what it truly meant to be free. Free from fears, free...

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Partying with the Dead

By Catherine L. Schweig In the land I was raised, we invite the deceased to move among us once a year, on this very day, also known as Dia de Los Muertos, or The Day of The Dead. Every autumn, Mexico is decorated with delicate paper flags threaded together as colorful reminders of the fragile threshold that divides this world from the afterlife. I have fond memories from my childhood of walking under them as they flapped precariously in the chilly breezes that threatened to rip them. The sound they made was said to hide the whispers of the deceased...

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