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System of Down: Stop Getting Caught Up in Beliefs (there is so much more)

  By Debbie Lynn Dogmas and beliefs tend to trip us up and keep us in a closed-minded space, they also keep us away from a bigger view. And although the view is expansive, we will never be able to fully see it when we are bound to one opinion—one dimension, in time and space. It took me a long time to understand that it was my own attitude that was holding me back from real happiness, and that I had only scratched the surface of misunderstandings about what it truly meant to be free. Free from fears, free...

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Partying with the Dead

By Catherine L. Schweig In the land I was raised, we invite the deceased to move among us once a year, on this very day, also known as Dia de Los Muertos, or The Day of The Dead. Every autumn, Mexico is decorated with delicate paper flags threaded together as colorful reminders of the fragile threshold that divides this world from the afterlife. I have fond memories from my childhood of walking under them as they flapped precariously in the chilly breezes that threatened to rip them. The sound they made was said to hide the whispers of the deceased...

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More Alike Than Different

  By Brian Westbye I have come to realize that all around the world the ingredients are the same: only the presentation differs. And we would do well to think a little more deeply about our ingredients and presentation. I’ve long been an acolyte of Anthony Bourdain. His landmark 1999 expose/memoir in The New Yorker, Don’t Eat Before Reading This, unearthed some nasty restaurant-industry trade secrets, making him the Jim Bouton of the culinary world and I have followed his rise from cranky middle-age ex-junky chef to renowned author to television phenomenon. I greatly enjoy his snark and love of gastro adventure....

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How Do I Tell Them I’m Buddhist?

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   A Reader Says: My family is fundamentalist Christian and I’ve embraced Buddhism. I’ve been practicing for a couple years now. I’m afraid of telling them, but I want to be who I am, I don’t want to hide. What can I do? How do I tell them?   Whew. This is a tough question. But it is also a really important one. I live in the United States, where approximately 70% of the population is Christian—although it certainly ranges from deeply devout to casual. In plenty of places in this country the idea of...

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Steeped in Spirituality: My Journey to India {Part 3}

  By Marcee Murray King “When you get to the bus station, and the station is behind you, cross the green bridge on your left,” were the instructions given to me from my Alapatt Homestay. Green-ish would have been a better way to describe it. In fact, some spots where the green still clings would have been more accurate, still. Either way, I didn’t see a bridge and it took me a bit to find someone who spoke English well enough to point me in the right direction. It was where he said, but I needed to walk just...

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