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Vegan Chunky Vegetable Soup with Tomato, Curry & Ginger Broth {Recipe}

  By Erica Leibrandt   One dreary January day, after all the Christmas décor had been madly stripped away, and I had but a few morsels of food laying about the house (but an unnaturally bloated body thanks to the recent excess of the holidays), I came up with this wonderful recipe. Both rich and clean tasting, exotic and homey, I am convinced it can solve the lion’s share of problems in this world. Or at least in my world, where the best solutions seem to come in the shape of yummy food. Chunky Vegetable Soup with Tomato, Curry,...

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Are Salt Lamps Placebos?

  By David Jones  One of my Christmas presents was a Himalayan salt lamp (and all of its promises). I’ve been having trouble sleeping; I partly blame my dreams. I can control my dreams, but not every night. Even if I choose not to control them, lucidly analyzing them can still let me know what’s bugging me deep down. That takes a lot of energy to deal with, you know? It got me thinking. Folks scoff at the “real benefits” of salt lamps partly because said lamps are connected to alternative medicine. We have clearly drawn lines of acceptance and rejection as to...

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Exotic Moroccan Lentil Stew {Vegan, Gluten Free Recipe}.

    By Erica Leibrandt Lentils and I have a decades long love affair, beginning with my first taste of Dal in the legendary Indian restaurant Moti Mahal, on an sub-arctic December day (much like this day) back in college in Chicago. Something about that warming vegetarian broth, its unassuming richness and depth, and the fact that is clearly originated in a far away country, immediately enchanted me. After I learned how to cook vegan food, of course, I realized that lentils are a great dietary staple, high in fiber and protein, with a great umami meatiness that takes...

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The Somewhat Vegan, Semi-Practicing, Occasionally Meditating Yogi.

  By Dana Gornall I have been vegan for almost four years. January 1st is my vegananniversary and I have never been happier that I chose this lifestyle. There was just something that felt right about it. I can still clearly remember driving down the highway after getting halfway through my 30 day vegan challenge and thinking it was easier than I thought it would be and I should continue it. I remember thinking: I’m vegan… I am vegan. However, I am going to admit something right here, right now: I am not 100% vegan. It’s true. I have allowed a piece...

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Laughing in the Mirror (Because You are a G*dd@mn Tiger).

  By Kristi Trader Below are two of my favorite images from childhood. The younger one, my dad used to carry in his wallet. The older one is from of the first weddings I was in. I love the facial expressions in both. I’m smiling back at myself. Do you know what it is like when a baby first discovers their reflection in a mirror? She is amused and most enjoys seeing herself laugh. At what age does our reflection turn from laughter and amusement to sullen stares and empty feelings? I’ve looked through some pictures and I’m not sure...

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