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Vegan in the Middle

  By Dana Gornall Becoming vegan was pretty easy for me. I wouldn’t have thought so. If someone had asked me before I made that choice—a year earlier or perhaps five years earlier—I would have said I couldn’t do it. Growing up as picky eater whose main vegetables were corn or french fries, I was definitely resistant to new things. But as my lifestyle began to change with meditation and yoga, and my perspective on health and life began to spin in another direction, suddenly the idea of becoming vegan became more and more appealing. And when I did it...

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Dear Yoga Teacher: Can You Turn Down (or off) the Music?

By Nina Rubin When I think of taking yoga classes, I imagine clean, spacious rooms, gleaming wood or bamboo floors with straight lines and a quiet, peaceful vibe. I try to get to at least two yoga classes a week to round out my other fitness routines and love the feeling of arriving to class a few minutes early to lay on the cool floor. I feel anticipation when I think of the meditation of the movements and breath. However, in recent classes, I’ve been affected by music being played by the instructors. You see, my favorite teachers don’t...

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3 Restorative Yoga Poses to Boost Your Confidence

  By Henry Veno Be it personal life or professional, self confidence defines our personality. In this era of bustling lifestyles, people hold too much stress. It is so obvious that our mental condition would affect our self confidence. Do you face the same issue? Keep reading this article and you’ll be guided on the right path with an effective solution. Restorative yoga is highly responsible for boosting confidence and enhancing our personalities. There are a few yoga poses that relieve stress and help us to be in a good frame of mind. Before heeding the benefits of the restorative yoga...

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Environmental Poisons Hurting Our Nation’s Children—Especially Low Income Families

  By Denele Campbell As of 2002, the majority of Medicaid beneficiaries (54%) were children under the age of six years. Contrary to the popular myth of aging slackers, drug addicts, and welfare queens sucking at the national teat, this majority of Medicaid provides healthcare to children and adolescents with limitation of activity due to chronic health conditions. Their numbers quadrupled from two percent in 1960 to over eight percent in 2012.[1],[2] This increase parallels the growth in manufacture and use of agricultural chemicals. One of the fastest growing patient groups covered by Medicaid is children with developmental disabilities....

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Sriracha, Spicy Food & Gummy Bears: Mindful Eating as a Practice

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling Having spent numerous months in the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, I consider myself an expert on spicy foods. When I lived there I used to wait and take my shower after breakfast (cold shower!) because breakfast  itself would inspire profuse sweating. I use sriracha sauce like it is ketchup, but main courses in Sri Lanka generally would insult (assault) the palates of the majority of Americans who aren’t as accustomed to that. Whenever I was invited to someone’s house for dinner, the whole family would hover around the table as I tasted grandma’s lotus-stem...

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