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Sewn Together.

  By Dana Gornall I have a patchwork quilt kind of family. While yes, I know most everyone does—families tend to contain varying degrees of personality types in them—but mine is quite literally a patchwork quilt. There is a part of me that is envious of the people who have accounts and can trace their lineage back to the Mayflower, early Japan or the Druids of England, but for me there are only stories and photo albums of those that have become my family through this hand crafted paper chain of people. It’s kind of tricky when my...

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The Zen of Negative Emotions.

  By Deb Avery In today’s world of seeing the glass half full mentality, it is often difficult for us to acknowledge the days when the glass is half empty, much less the days when we feel don’t even have a glass. Trying to always be effervescent and bubbly takes tremendous energy. It will actually pull our energy reserves down and cause us to feel isolated, depressed and sad. Instead of hiding our emotions of grief, depression, feelings of doubt, or sadness, we need to learn to accept them. By accept, I don’t mean wallow. Wallowing is giving power to...

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I am Pissed Off About Having Mental Illness: Are You?

  By Gabe Howard   People living with mental illness share many common traits. In the advocacy world, we share many of them openly. We discuss the symptoms of the illness, the uncertainty, the fear and we share ways that people with mental illness can receive better treatment, better services, more understanding and have better outcomes. We have another common trait that is seldom shared. We all experience it, on some level, and most of us share it only with our trusted friends and family. When we sit alone with other mentally ill people, we swap stories. That is...

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Pope Francis: A Man for All Seasons.

  By Gerry Ellen A breath of fresh air has swept over Vatican City. A new sense of purpose and meaning of the highest order is occupying the artful and historically meticulous corners of Italy and the world. A man who chose his Catholic name based on St. Francis of Assisi, the humble servant to all human and animal life. A peaceful presence at heart, who sees the good in all beliefs and values in his duty to the entire religious system, and delved in deep to gain more of an understanding on how to take steps towards a...

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Spiritual, Not Religious.

  By Ann Graham Nichols   As a teenager, I attended services for the High Holy Days with a Jewish friend, bought a Star of David, and decided to own my Jewish heritage. Then I dated a Catholic boy and spent Sundays mesmerized by incense and robes. Later, I joined a protestant church, became an elder, served communion and I was baptized. I loved the hymn singing, and the sense of belonging. Somewhere in there, I became viciously judgmental about the term “spiritual, not religious.” I viewed it as a copout—a way to stake a claim to being “good” without...

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