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Tiny Fragmented Pieces of Me.

  By Dana Gornall The me who is me is made up of so many fragmented pieces. Looking back, images and stories gel together in one big picture, like puzzles pieces, only the edges are not quite as round and perfect but more jagged in places and fluid in others. I see the paths I have taken, when faced with one way or the other and how each one has changed and shaped me. Some of these stories that have played out happened without much thinking on my part, but when we get down to it, there was always...

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The Rightness of Being Wrong.

  By Heidi Bourne We have a choice, really. I’m still thinking about the heart-wrenching violence in Paris; how dangerous and wrong it is to hate. I’m also still thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr., that we publicly honor him, and that he taught us through his unwavering insistence how right it is to care. Thousands upon thousands of people who courageously filled the streets of Paris sent the same message. Violence is profoundly wrong and the right, most wise response is to show up and demonstrate the absolute necessity to care. It is our most natural response to pain....

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Mindfulness Meditation and PTSD.

By Emily George My mind is a war zone. Battle for ownership between emotion and logic constantly rage. My mind is a tumultuous ocean of currents threatening to pull me into the deepest parts of anger, fear and despair. The mind is powerful. It protects us and endangers us, sometimes simultaneously. This truthful, albeit dramatic, description of my mind used to be an everyday occurrence. It is now only an almost every day occurrence. While this may not sound like a lot of progress, it really is. Through a wonderful therapist—a friend who just happens to be a meditation...

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You Are the Everything. {Poetry}

  By Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan You are the sun and the moon and the rain and the sweet mist of dew rising off the morning grass. You are the melting mountain snow seeping into streams and coursing over rocks. You are the leaves and the trees and the limbs connected to the trunk rooted into the brown earth’s dirt rising up to the sky… You are the whispers of tomorrow and the beating of today and the story of yesteryear. You are all that was and will ever-be and the generous echoes of yes in a canyon’s sweet walls....

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Dear Daughters: 5 Things I Want You to Know.

  By Ty Phillips Dear Daughters, As a parent, there is no end to the knowledge and love that I want you to carry into your life and relationships. It’s hard to break any of these myriad pearls of fatherly over-protectiveness and concern into five  primary wishes that I have for you, but try I must. I love you. Before anything else in life, it is imperative that our children know how much we love them. I hear adults tell me all the time that they went years without ever hearing their parents say that they loved them. I don’t think that...

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