October 2017

Kindness is an Act of Resistance: A Buddhist Response to Mass Shootings

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The impromptu meditation keeps me standing as I stare at the screen; more than 50 people are dead, and hundreds wounded because of one man. Lives have been shattered and families torn apart because of one man. Unimaginable suffering caused by one man, in a hotel room, with a small arsenal of guns. It's [...]

Today I Prayed

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I am praying, and I haven’t been on bended knee for such a long time. I am worried, and I am not a worrier. The escalation of horror is like a nasty movie with no ending. It doesn’t seem real, yet we are all affected somehow and the vibration is carrying a message. I [...]

Can We Find a Sangha Built around an American Buddhist Practice? (Part 2)

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Dipping into Walden Pond, it doesn't take long to notice the Buddhistic qualities of Thoreau's ways of thinking and living. Quite striking from the outset is his presentism and mindfulness. In no uncertain terms, he proclaims himself dedicated to the here and now, no less so than Baba Ram Das, or any Zen monk [...]

September 2017

Why I Meditate

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Have I found the answers to the questions I was looking for? Definitely not. But I have come to the acceptance that there are no answers. I’ve had a glimpse of another big question that I didn’t even know I should be asking when I started meditating. That was a nice surprise.   [...]

Buddhism Shows Us We Can Choose How to React

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Seeing suffering as reactivity makes perfect sense, and it came to me as an epiphany. I’ve always maintained that we choose how we feel and behave. I’ve never really been able to put my finger on it until I read Batchelor.   By Gerald "Strib" Stribling I’ve been reading Stephen Batchelor’s latest book, [...]