August 2017

Walking the Lone Buddha Path

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The Lone Buddha Path (also known as a Pratyekabuddha) has gotten a bad rap over the millennia thanks to propaganda from the Mahayana. They've been called arrogant, apathetic, and dim-witted by those ever-compassionate Bodhisattvas who had the clarity of vision to call the early teachings the "Lesser Vehicle." That's not condescending at all, is it? [...]

You Do Not Have to Conquer the World

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Even though Dudeism is a wink and nod enterprise, there's a deceptive depth to the philosophies behind it. It takes the best of the world's religions and philosophies and leaves the rest, and it's still becoming---always becoming. Abiding is itself a deceptively simple concept until it's no longer a concept but an actuality. It's [...]

The Secret to Understanding Buddhist Ethics

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The secret to understanding Buddhist ethics (according to the Buddha’s elevator speech) is that they all spring from one ethical foundation---harmlessness. Abstaining from killing or harming others (“Do not do evil; only do good”) is the most fundamental of Buddhist principles. That’s why we don’t screw around on our wives, steal and lie; those [...]

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