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My Friends with Benefits Relationship with Meditation

  By Dana Gornall I want to meditate. Actually, it goes beyond wanting and has reached a level of needing to meditate. I’m stressed, I’m cranky, and I feel like I have gone past overwhelmed. Driving to work the other morning, the radio was off; I drove in silence with my fingers curled around the steering wheel. I prefer keeping the radio off on my commute. The music played is just the same old replays and filled with commercials and talk shows. I used to try listening to podcasts on the drive, but lately I like the silence. Snow...

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Freedom From Suffering

  By Ty H. Phillips I step outside and breathe in the cold March air. I look down at the orange laces on my Aquaman Chuck Taylor’s, heave a sigh, and begin walking. This is my third 10 minute walk of the day. I take these as often as I can; typically after a meal or every hour I am free and able to. These walks are all I have right now. My health has taken a severe and unknown turn over the last six months, and has left me 60lbs lighter and unable to train weights or to...

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Diving into Practice (As if My Life Depended on It)

  By Michelleanne Bradley I must confess. I’ve been practicing since the Solstice as if my life depends on it. That has looked far more like solitary practice than even I sometimes prefer, which is funny because in most practices, I am the queen of solitary practice. I have been practicing as if my head is on fire. I have been working on this heaviness in my heart, even as it feels as if more is piled on and piled on, until even my closest friends and I have laughed that I have been praying for patience and the...

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Zen is Hard

  By Tyson Davis   “One day, someone asked Layman Pang, ‘Is Zen difficult or easy?’ “He replied, ‘It’s like trying to hit the moon with a stick. Very difficult!’ “Then this man thought, ‘Oh, Zen is very difficult.’ So he asked Layman Pang’s wife, ‘Your husband said Zen is difficult. I ask you, then, is Zen difficult or easy?’ “She said, ‘Oh, Zen is very easy! It’s like touching your nose when you wash your face in the morning!’ “The man could not understand. He thought to himself, ‘Hmmm … Layman Pang says Zen is difficult; his wife...

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Right Effort: Keeping Us Focused on Our Purpose

By Peter Schaller It’s 5:30 p.m., the end of a long and exhausting work day. Working for a small nonprofit means wearing at least a dozen hats, on any given day. Today we have been moving our office to a new location. The new space is just four blocks away, but it has meant at least a dozen trips in our old Toyota pickup truck. In addition to moving, we fit in the usual casework that comes with operating education, health and economic development programs in under-resourced communities in Nicaragua. For all intents and purposes, we are a one...

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