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There is No Refuge: My Zafu’s On Fire

  By John Author It’s everywhere; there’s no denying it. I can turn off all my tech, but the minute I go to work—there it is…politics. Now don’t run away yet Precious Reader! This isn’t gonna turn out how you think it will, and I swear I’ll never bring it up again after this article. That’s because I don’t have much to say. I can pipe in with some compliments and critiques during reformist debates, but I don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute. It’s not that I’m disinterested, it’s that I bleed black and green—I’m an anarchist. It’s tough to join...

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The Biological, Evolutional, Sociological Case for Compassion.

  By John Author   I’ve never thought of myself as the most compassionate person, but my views about myself are usually wrong. A few studies have shown that our friends and loved ones usually know us better than we know ourselves. So, according to public opinion, I’m compassionate—I just don’t feel compassionate. I don’t feel warm and fuzzy when I donate to a charity or listen to someone’s tales of woe. I don’t usually tear up when I hear about the atrocities that occur in the world. I sit there with a stiff upper lip and absorb the information. That...

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White Woman at Standing Rock {Part 2}

  By Angela Reed We were sitting in a field on the edge of camp at Standing Rock, a Native American reservation in North Dakota. I was sitting in a group with lots of new friends: a few I knew, a couple I thought I could have known another time, and several I didn’t. For those of you may not know, there have thousands of people camped there the past few months in protest of the installation of an oil pipeline called the Dakota Access Pipeline.   The Dakota Access Pipeline is mapped to go right under the Missouri...

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I Stood with Standing Rock {Part 1}

  By Angela Reed I’ve wanted to be an activist for maybe four years. If you consider signing petitions online, sharing posts on Facebook, and showing up to two rallies in three years activism, then I guess I’m an activist. But I crave more action. I fear that things in our world, our nation and our communities won’t change if we don’t act. Of course, things always change in one way or another. That’s what we talk about in Buddhism: the law of impermanence. I feel these principles somehow become an escape, though; that they give a reason to...

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Peace in the Perfect Chaos of Nature.

  By Peter D. Schaller The Chaos of Clouds It’s Friday afternoon and I’m driving home from the mountainous, northern region of Nicaragua, to the arid flat-lands of Managua. The sun is making a mad dash for the horizon, sliding quietly across the clear sky as I drive. Hot air rushes through the open windows, left over from a sweltering day. When I reach the final pass that descends to sea level, to the dusty plains outside of Managua, the sun disappears behind lake Xolotlán, leaving the sky with radiant, earth light. This last mountain before Managua, La Cuesta...

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