March 2016

In Honor of Food.

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By Peter Schaller Last Tuesday was a long, exhausting day. I spent the entire day in the field, working with small farmers to identify areas on their dusty properties for reforestation. The day was full of climbing and descending the mountains in this arid region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. At lunchtime, I had managed to sneak [...]

November 2015

Turn Black Friday Into Buy Nothing Day.

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  By Sherrin Fitzer The Presidential election in 2012 brought 129,235 Americans to the polls. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and biggest shopping day of the year, saw 95.5 million people hit the stores that same year. Traditionally stores would open in the wee hours of the morning on Fridays and, many people would [...]

October 2015

Koan Quest Across the West. {3rd Entry}

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    By John Pendall August 7th, Afternoon Standing on the dirt and rock parking in Raton, New Mexico, looking at the Spanish style buildings, I say to a fellow traveler, “I feel like I’m in a different world.” “You are,” she said. She’s right. This is truly a different world. A world that I’ve [...]

September 2015

I Choose to Burn.

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  By Tanya Tiger   “Do not play with fire or you might get burned!” How many times have we heard this expression? This used to be like a mantra, ringing over and over in my head---a warning that would blare every time I stepped to close to the edge. Now, now it no longer [...]

July 2015

I Dream of Nature.

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  By Sonia Shrestha As I lay in my bed tonight, a strange yet ecstatic experience overtakes my mind. I start thinking of waterfalls, exotic birds, wet grounds, tree, insects, animals and the Amazon. Out of nowhere, my mind decided to transport me to those areas—to the place I have never been in my entire [...]