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Looking for Dharma in the Weeds

  By Dana Gornall I’m not very skilled in growing things. I’ve been known to neglect houseplants, leaving them anorexic and straggly; bowing over dry soil, reaching to get a patch of sunlight as its leaves slowly curl and the tips turn brown. It’s not on purpose. I don’t mean to forget. I simply get busy—distracted. I’ve had two trees just die. I had hired someone a few years ago to plant them for me. He instructed me to water them daily and I did. The next spring they bloomed pretty pink flowers from each branch and I was...

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Dear Vegans: Please Step Off the Soap Box & Lead by Example

By Drew Tapperman More than 20 years ago, I spent six-years on an Israeli kibbutz—the last three of them as a full-time dairy farmer. I took pride in it and learned everything except the business side. I was grateful for the opportunity to be offered what was considered a privileged job. Then I witnessed a slaughter. It was done in the back of a large truck, and the carcass was simply driven away by the ones who did the deed. I saw it just that once. The slaughter triggered realizations within me about mass farming. Cows were not regarded as sentient beings, but...

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In Spite of Paris: Simple Steps for Climate Activism

By Peter D. Schaller Not surprisingly, Donald Trump made an announcement last week to withdraw the United States from the climate change agreement signed last year in Paris. The Paris Agreement, commonly referred to as COP 21 (Conference of the Parties) was signed by nearly all of the countries in the world, developed and developing, and focuses on creating mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions. The agreement’s main goal is to keep limit global temperature increase to less than two degrees Celsius, in order to mitigate the dramatic and potentially devastating effects of climate change. The Paris agreement, without question,...

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Great Soil, a lot of Sweat & Two Very Humbling Lessons

  By Peter Schaller “You must have great soil,” my friend said as I showed her pictures of my garden, my thriving yard farm. Since moving into our new house a year ago, my son and I set out to make our small yard into an edible paradise. In addition to producing clean food, sequestering carbon and improving the soil, it has also been a sweaty, gritty sort of therapy. After a long and complicated divorce, we had finally found a place to make a new beginning. What better way to cultivate peace than through plants? As I processed...

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The Zen of Wildflowers

  By Deb Avery There are deep truths in nature that often remain hidden until we are ready to see. Of all the teachers I have had in my many years walking on this beautiful Earth, nothing has taught me as gracefully and deeply as nature. What can I say to encompass all her wonders? She is the greatest force on the planet and one of the most eloquent teachers. Her lessons sometimes come in bursts of lovely blossoms from the earthy soil beneath our feet. Sometimes they come from the mighty trees that help us breath, or the winding...

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