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Consumption Conundrum: Looking Beyond Ourselves for the Planet

  By Alison Page We are leaving the period of time known at the Holocene Epoch. The Holocene epoch is the time that humans have inhabited the earth and the beginning of agriculture. Since the climate has been stable throughout the Holocene Epoch, humans have been able to survive with relative ease on the planet. It is being speculated that because of the massive increase in consumption, pollution, and population growth since the Industrial Revolution, human activity has officially ended the relative stability of the Holocene Epoch. Scientists are calling this new age the Athropocene. From the Smithsonian Magazine...

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The Deer Whisperer

  By Erica Leibrandt People call me the Deer Whisperer, which is true, but also silly, as it implies that I am doing something other people couldn’t do. The deer with whom I whisper daily in my local woods (and I do say “whom” because they are most certainly sentient) are as tame as a well fed yellow lab, lying on an expensive dog bed in the sun. Almost. There are times when I sneak up close to them and they roll their eyes so the whites are alarmingly visible. They snort, or “ba” like angry lambs, or shake...

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Tis the Season, to Let Go

  By Deb Avery   As I sit with my feet up, complete with fuzzy socks and a cup of chai tea, w/non-dairy cream, on what’s referred to as Black Friday, I glance up at the news my mom is watching on TV. My mom never misses the news. Everyday for an hour beginning at 5:00 PM, you’ll find her in her recliner watching first the local and then the national news. 30 minutes each and she assumes that she is fully informed of all the important aspects of politics, religion and world around her. But I digress. Anyhoo,...

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Chaos is Not to be Taken Personally, It Just Is

  By Deb Avery   “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” Charles Addams As we look around in horror at the chaos that surrounds us in the world, we often feel overwhelmed, depressed and helpless. But if we take a look at the natural order of nature, life and the universe around us, we begin to realize that it is sometimes our perception of things that are happening and not the actual events that stir in us these strong emotions. There is suffering in this world; that is a fact....

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Teaching Compassion within the Tragedy

  By Tanya Tiger Last night, I sat in the living room with my husband and five year old daughter, watching the nightly news. It was a pretty typical evening. Footage of Hurricane Harvey was being shown and the news anchors were interviewing people who had lost everything. I was covered from head-to-toe in goosebumps and, as I listened, my eyes welled up with tears. My heart ached for each and every soul who now had to make the long journey of healing and rebuilding their lives. My daughter looked over and said, “Mommy, why are you crying?” I...

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