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Adventures of Turning 50.

  By Kim Haas I recently turned 50. When I turned 40, my husband and I went on a cruise to Jamaica with two other couples. My kids were 11 and eight, we had moved across the country, and I was helping my sister deal with the death of her young husband—I was being pulled in many directions. The idea of getting away from it all was very appealing. Getting away from it all in the middle of the ocean with lots of food and drinks and people was even more appealing. Turning 50 though, that wasn’t the case. Instead of being pulled in...

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How to Live with Chronic Pain & Illness. {Book Review}

  By Ty H Phillips   When I was asked to review a book for Wisdom Publications, I jumped at the chance. A large portion of my collection of Buddhist texts are published by them. When I heard that it dealt with chronic illness, I was ecstatic. In How To Live Well With Chronic Pain and Illness, Toni Bernhard summed up the last five years of my life. As both a practicing Buddhist and someone who is living with a serious health condition, I found great comfort between these covers. Before I became sick, I was considered to be one...

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Release Blame & it Releases You.

  By Debbie Lynn   Great strides in healing are made when we decide the energy spent in resentment, blame and anger just doesn’t make sense to us anymore. Intentions—getting real This realization lifts a ton of toxicity off our back as we stop trying to rationalize the irrational. Once here (in this view) we can step back and set some real attainable inner aspirations. But to do this, it is so important to understand the flavor of our intentions (getting to know them personally). The intricacies of our mind (the pre-conditioned patterns) are so very interlaced with our...

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Hiding Out in Bathrooms, Social Anxiety & The Four Noble Truths.

  By Dana Gornall I’m staring down at my feet, framed by the bathroom tile, and looking at my toes. “I need a pedicure,” I think to myself, and then grin from the irony because I now work at a high end salon. It’s a new job for me; I’ve only been here for about a month and I’m still transitioning. Some people seem to blend right into new experiences, making new friends and adjusting immediately. For me, I have a core of shyness that runs through me and it takes a bit to open up. This is why...

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I Have Anxiety.

  By Daniel Scharpenburg   I have an anxiety disorder. Most people can’t tell. Or maybe I’m kidding myself and everyone can tell—I don’t know. It’s obvious in the quiet moment when it seems I have nothing to say. Or when you’re telling stories and I’m just listening intently instead of waiting for my turn to speak (I hope you appreciate that I am a good listener). I don’t do small talk very well and I’m always the quietest person in a crowd. It started when I was a kid. It got worse when my parents died and for...

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