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Thoughts on the #Don’tJudgeChallenge from a Beautiful Misfit.

  By Sonia Shrestha It can be difficult being a teen these days. Society sets too many rules and standards which we—I say ‘we’ because like many out there I myself am yet to leave my teenage years—so these standards hold as much relevance to me as it does to any other person of this age group. Beauty standards are one of the most rigid set of unwritten rules laid down upon us, with each one of us expected to follow the norms or else we will be termed as a misfit. Acne, freckles, smeared lipstick, etc are ‘ugly.’...

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I Feel Shame, but Not Because I am Gay.

  By Bradford Thompson   I had the fear every gay man has when he is a child. There was this feeling of separation and loneliness that I could not understand at the time. The bullying was never really strong because I was clever enough to deflect it—often at the expense of someone more obviously separated. This changed one day when I was in the 7th grade. Two 8th grade boys caught me on the stairway. They were on the second floor above the flight to the first and I was on the landing in the middle. They began to spit...

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