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Want to Create a New Habit? Change Your Story

  By Leo Babauta If you want to create a new habit, you need to tell a good story. Suppose you want to create a new exercise habit (for example), you might tell yourself something like this: “This is going to be amazing; I’m going to get fit and look incredible and be super healthy!” This is a story you’re telling yourself. It’s not real, but it has tremendous power to affect your feelings about your habit, and to change your action. You have a positive story about the habit, and it motivates you to take action. But perhaps the exercise...

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It Takes a Village, So Let’s Create One

  By Debbie Lynn Conformity is a huge undertaking when it makes our gut hurt, skin crawl and feels so very alien—and yet, there is a certain comfort in the uncomfortable that we long for, need; and we occasionally wax nostalgic in dreamy remiss. Sometimes, I wish in another time and place there wasn’t any need for validation, because in that “need” we end up swimming in the river of ambitious expectation. We put a lot of hope in humanity that they will ease up on judgments and perhaps try to accept things outside the self. But it doesn’t...

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Kindness Happens When Carrying A Magic Walking Stick

  By Carmelene Melanie Siani “Are you guys out of shopping carts?” I asked the cashier as I walked into the drug store. I had my walking stick with me but I was planning on buying several items and I knew I couldn’t manage all of them and my stick at the same time. “I’m sorry, ma’am,” the cashier said, obviously looking around for a cart. “Aren’t there any outside?” I told him not to worry, I would find one. He didn’t have to leave his place behind the cash register and so I turned to head out the...

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Chaos is Not to be Taken Personally, It Just Is

  By Deb Avery   “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.” Charles Addams As we look around in horror at the chaos that surrounds us in the world, we often feel overwhelmed, depressed and helpless. But if we take a look at the natural order of nature, life and the universe around us, we begin to realize that it is sometimes our perception of things that are happening and not the actual events that stir in us these strong emotions. There is suffering in this world; that is a fact....

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A Guide to Equanimity: Creating a More Flexible Mind

  By Leo Babauta It’s my belief that a flexible mind helps us to deal with chaos, loss, big life changes, small frustrations, and all that life throws our way. A flexible mind leads to more peace. You’re not as stuck in your ways, and can adapt to change. You don’t always think you’re right but are curious about other people. You can take on new challenges with a smile. I don’t always have such a flexible mind, to be honest. I’m working on it. When I’m not flexible, I can feel it: my mind starts to feel rigid, I...

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