August 2017

We Can No Longer Tolerate the Intolerance

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Lately it is all you hear about, whether gender-based, nationality, faith, or sexual orientation. The ‘anti’ talk comes from many sources, but right now there is one particular politician trumping out divisive language devised to prop up beliefs that one race, one religion (one country) is superior to all others.   By J.G. [...]

You Do Not Have to Conquer the World

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Even though Dudeism is a wink and nod enterprise, there's a deceptive depth to the philosophies behind it. It takes the best of the world's religions and philosophies and leaves the rest, and it's still becoming---always becoming. Abiding is itself a deceptively simple concept until it's no longer a concept but an actuality. It's [...]

July 2017

All Coming Together as One: Join us on August 5

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A goth, a young mother, a vegan and a hunter were all occupying space together under the watchful eyes of monks. We had nothing in common, and yet we were able to sit silently, and support each other's practice. It was beautiful.   By Alex Chong Do Thompson A few months ago, I [...]

What Poison Ivy Taught Me about the Dharma

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A historical Soto Zen Buddhist named Gikai once said: “Dignified manner is the Buddha Dharma; decorum is the essential teaching.” I was jarred when I first read this, and I didn’t understand. How could Buddhist practice be reduced to what sounded like simply “acting nice” or “sitting up straight?” Once I was covered in [...]