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We are Human {The Eightfold Path}

  By J.G. Lewis Perception indeed. One issue, any issue, may be viewed as right or wrong. Depending on personal morals, ethics, politics, spirituality (religion for those so inclined), or logic, we often grapple with what is correct. We are human. Right or wrong may not seem obvious at times. Even the public (or popular) view of what is right, or wrong, is blurred in the present. So, we ask questions of each other, and more of our selves. The answers are not always there. What is free speech, and what is considered hatred? Who has the right to...

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Right View: Seeing the World Through Buddhist Eyes {The Eightfold Path}

  By Gerald Stribling Wednesday Something is sapping my strength. My old doctor, Doctor Becky, tried to figure out why. She was my doctor for 25 years. She threw her hands up in the air, finally, and said that I was just getting old. This was not my new doctor’s response, whom I saw today. She ran some blood tests, and then re-ran some blood tests, and then my wife made me go see her today because I sprained my ankle. Doctor Huong is young and charming and very direct. And a very aggressive diagnostician. Seems when she re-ran...

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Single Mama Buddhist: Can We be Clergy?

  By Dana Gornall   “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan. And never let you forget you’re a man because I’m a wooommman, Enjoli.” These were the lyrics played on a popular early 80s commercial I heard over and over while I was growing up. The woman in the commercial was beautiful, business-like, apparently could cook a mighty fine ass meal and insinuated she was a tiger in the bedroom. This was what we were supposed to be—what we are supposed to be as women. We can keep the house neat, cook healthy,...

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What is Right View in Buddhism? {The Eightfold Path}

  By Ty H. Phillips What is Buddhism? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are people and personalities who follow the path. For some, it is a faith, to others a religion. To others still, it is a philosophy—a moral science. Some place great importance on ritual and some on great devotion to the Buddha. The truth is, all of these things can be removed. The Buddha himself was adverse to personality cults; he wanted no worshipers and no religion in his name. He spoke often and openly about his irrelevance. What was important...

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What Does Enlightenment Feel Like?

  By John Pendall Enlightenment is not a logical affair, it’s a visceral, emotional one. This is the point that many misled (but well-read) Westerners fail to see clearly. Logic and emotion aren’t mutually exclusive, but just like how Moscow and Washington DC occupy different sides of the same planet, logic and emotion occupy different parts of the same mind. Understanding announces itself as a subtle intuition—there’s a feeling of pieces falling into place. This can last anywhere from a few seconds to several days or even years. Logic and reason do play their parts during this act of...

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