July 2017

All Coming Together as One: Join us on August 5

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A goth, a young mother, a vegan and a hunter were all occupying space together under the watchful eyes of monks. We had nothing in common, and yet we were able to sit silently, and support each other's practice. It was beautiful.   By Alex Chong Do Thompson A few months ago, I [...]

More mindFully Human, Less A**hole (The Reason I’m Retiring the Gonzo Buddhist)

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After more than a year writing here, I no longer fit into my niche. I have Hulked out of my crevice. For years, I stubbornly refused to evolve beyond my crude humor and cynicism, even though my meditation practice kept showing me how limited that was. I clung tightly to my crusty old class-clown [...]

What Poison Ivy Taught Me about the Dharma

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A historical Soto Zen Buddhist named Gikai once said: “Dignified manner is the Buddha Dharma; decorum is the essential teaching.” I was jarred when I first read this, and I didn’t understand. How could Buddhist practice be reduced to what sounded like simply “acting nice” or “sitting up straight?” Once I was covered in [...]

The Passing of Buddhist Teacher Michael Stone & The Reason We Need to Talk More About It

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There's a huge tendency to think that Buddhist teachers are better than us (especially really talented teachers like Michael Stone) or that they're somehow beyond the problems that all human beings have. But they aren't. We're all human and we all have these frailties.   By Daniel Scharpenburg Michael Stone was a pretty [...]

Retreats, The Good, the Bad & the Controversy: 4 Buddhists Walk into a Facebook Chat {Interview}

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By John Author   Following up on the death of Megan Vogt, I felt compelled to interview some TTB columnists so that we could prevent something like this from happening again. Megan developed psychosis after enduring a 10-day S.N. Goenka Vipassana retreat. She leapt from a catwalk under the Norman Wood Bridge, fell through a 120-foot [...]