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The Choice to be a Survivor, Not a Victim

  By Ty H. Phillips I’ve always wanted to start an article with Jack Nicholson’s line from Batman; “I was sitting in the bath one day when I realized why I was destined for greatness.” Alas, aside from the mention of it, I cannot. I can however start it with, I was on Facebook one day when a friend of mine who is a satanist reminded me of the Buddha’s teaching on the suffering woman.  I was involved in a thread on child abuse. This is never a fun topic and articles about it tend to show up in...

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A Message from a Luna Moth

  By Dru Peers The following extract is taken from Dru’s new book The Path to Celtic Buddhism: The True Story of Initiation into the Forgotten Wisdom of our Celtic Ancestors. Dru was a Trappist Monk for 21 years but left the Order in 2011 to travel to Anadhaire Buddhist Center in Vermont. Anadhaire is also home to Rev. John Perks. Perks was for seven years the Close personal assistant to Chögyam Trungpa, and was inspired by him to establish a new Buddhist lineage, called Celtic Buddhism. This form of Buddhism seeks to free itself from eastern cultural trappings so as to express itself in the culture...

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Practicing Equanimity While Traveling

  By Michelleanne Bradley Travel is not always synonymous with equanimity practice for me. I most recently received a Statement of Work on Monday morning around 8 am, and needed to be across the country by the next afternoon. I am working a lot for the first time in months. I started my own company last year, and I was super slow in getting it moving, but then I lost the part time gig that I had. It was not a good fit, but there was something easy and comfortable about it, the pay was steady, and I was working...

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Examine the Nature of Awareness {Lojong Teaching}

By Daniel Scharpenburg The last Lojong teaching we discussed was: “Train in the Preliminaries.” This leads us to the next teaching, “Examine the Nature of Awareness.” That seems really profound, doesn’t it? The implication in this statement is that awareness is what we are. If we dig deep in examining ourselves, all we really find is awareness. Who are you? Who is it that’s paying attention to this right now? Take a moment and think about yourself, look within. How much of what you tell yourself is “you” comes from labels you put on yourself? Or labels others put on you? If...

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Unsubscribe: Opt Out of Delusion, Tune in to Truth {Book Review}

  By Brent R. Oliver I’m a champion of the modern mindfulness movement. I think the scientific path of rigorous meditation unbound from religious traditions is the key to improving our human condition. It’s easily accessible to a massive audience and doesn’t require any beliefs to yield benefits. It’s what I study; it’s what I teach; it’s what I practice. But I am a Buddhist. Secular and post-traditional, but a Buddhist nonetheless. I’m not a joiner and I never settled on a specific lineage or approach that felt right for me. The one that comes closest, the one that’s...

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