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Suffering is Not a Requirement.

  By Heidi Bourne I recently received a glossy catalog from a company selling high-end clothing, shoes and gear for the outdoor enthusiast. The cover photo showed a very fit and perfectly outfitted not-quite-middle-aged man just reaching the crest of a ridge trail on his morning run with the most magnificent view of massive alpine mountains in the background beneath a giant blue sky. The caption read Suffer Better. The Buddha was right when he said that in life there is suffering, sometimes inaccurately translated and misunderstood as “life is suffering.” Not so, of course. Life is also full...

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Signs of Spiritual Progress.

By Pema Chödrön The idea of spiritual progress is pretty suspect. After all, isn’t it a journey without goal? But there are some ways, says Pema Chödrön, we can tell if our practice is working. It is tempting to ask ourselves if we are making “progress” on the spiritual path. But to look for progress is a set-up—a guarantee that we won’t measure up to some arbitrary goal we’ve established. Traditional teachings tell us that one sign of progress in meditation practice is that our kleshas diminish. Kleshas are the strong conflicting emotions that spin off and heighten when we...

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Buddhist Wisdom in Relation to Mankind, Animals and the Environment.

  By Shodo Jishin (Lee Tao Dana) The Eightfold Path is a cornerstone of Buddhist teachings. It is a path for living wisely, morally and compassionately. Coupled with modern technological advances and science, all of earth’s inhabitants, both human and nonhuman can live together peacefully and sustainably. The good news is, Buddhism does not go against much of what modern science has to say. Among other Buddhist teachings, the principles of the Eightfold Path serve as a guide for people of this world to live in harmony with all sentient beings within our environment. As it is now, in the 21st...

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Meditate To Awaken.

  By Daniel Scharpenburg Our true nature is within each of us. It is obscured because of layers of delusion, but it is there. Our true nature can be penetrated and understood intuitively. We just have to be willing to engage in some inner work. So, should we remain as we are: pushed about in our lives by our delusions and preconceptions? Or should we look for more? We can learn and grow. We can have a more advanced level of understanding and awareness. Practitioners of Buddhism are like explorers. We are opening ourselves to what is unknown within...

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Being Buddhish and Halfway to Hell.

By Brian Westbye I’ve always had a fiercely self-protective streak. Self-preservation has always been at the core of my character, even when I’ve put myself through the ringer with extremely self-destructive behavior. It’s easy for me to look back at dark chapters of my life and rewrite my past to line up with my current Buddhish perspective. But looking back, I can see that I don’t need to rewrite anything. I can actually see that Buddhish thought has always guided me, even when I had no understanding of Buddhism or, for that matter, much of anything else. I picture...

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