October 2017

The Buddha’s Dream of Liberation {Book Review}

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Coleman doesn't just write off-the-cuff in this piece; he provides excerpts and reflections on Suttas and Sutras as well. It's refreshing to read a beginner-intermediate Buddhist book that references the Tripitaka.   By John Pendall James William Coleman has done something that I once dreamed of doing, which is great because it means [...]

What Type of Meditation Did Bodhidharma Practice?

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The long, arduous path of concentration and mindfulness that marks Jhana meditation still exists today in the Theravadin schools, but for most meditators, it is too difficult to practice. It typically requires a monastic lifestyle of quiet surroundings and constant meditation to be successful.   By Robert Epstein What is the actual practice [...]

The First Buddhist Teaching: The Four Noble Truths

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Because we're unaware of what's going on, we are consistently trying to satisfy ourselves by consuming. We tend to think some combination of money, love, and respect will create contentment for us. And even if we're unaware of it, this problem keeps coming up because we are so confused.   By Daniel Scharpenburg [...]

Kindness is an Act of Resistance: A Buddhist Response to Mass Shootings

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The impromptu meditation keeps me standing as I stare at the screen; more than 50 people are dead, and hundreds wounded because of one man. Lives have been shattered and families torn apart because of one man. Unimaginable suffering caused by one man, in a hotel room, with a small arsenal of guns. It's [...]

Single White Monk: Tales of Death, Failure, and Bad Sex (Although Not Necessarily in That Order) {Book Review}

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I felt refreshed by Mr. Haubner’s insistence on presenting his holistic self, rather than just the carefully cultivated, holy and sweet side so many Buddhist authors rely on. It seemed like I was hearing from a comprehensive person, integrated into real life, not just a saccharine spiritual persona sequestered from the world, writing about [...]

Can We Find a Sangha Built around an American Buddhist Practice? (Part 2)

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Dipping into Walden Pond, it doesn't take long to notice the Buddhistic qualities of Thoreau's ways of thinking and living. Quite striking from the outset is his presentism and mindfulness. In no uncertain terms, he proclaims himself dedicated to the here and now, no less so than Baba Ram Das, or any Zen monk [...]