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The Tattooed Team Spotlight: Daniel Scharpenburg, Podcast Team & Columnist {Interview}

Where do you live? Kansas City, Missouri Besides writing, what do you do for a living? In addition to writing I give video dharma talks at the Open Heart Project. But my day job involves paperwork in a government office: calculations, writing letters, preparing financial statements. It’s exactly as exciting as it sounds. Do you have a blog? Yes. Https:// What places/publications have you written for?  Patheos, Lion’s Roar, Secular Buddhist Association, Elephant Journal, Spiritual Naturalist Society and of course The Tattooed Buddha Do you have kids? Describe your family? I have a daughter named Nissa and a son...

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The Question of Rebirth in Secular Buddhism

  By Alison Page As Buddhism moves from the East to the West, there has been an ongoing debate between Traditional Buddhists on one hand, and the emerging line of thought among Secular Buddhists on the other. Traditional Buddhists believe that rebirth and karma manifest and emerge over many lifetimes, and they’re fighting to preserve traditional Dharma. Secular Buddhists usually don’t believe in rebirth or karma over many lifetimes, or they don’t consider them necessary to understand or conceptualize. The secular thought tends to rely on strict logic, which would naturally ignore the notion of rebirth since it cannot...

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Sometimes Right Action Means No Action {The Eightfold Path}

  By Lee Glazier I live by a pretty laid back philosophy when it comes to Right Action: Whenever possible, do nothing. That isn’t as simple seems, man. They did a study once, Dude. They did a study where people had the choice between sitting in a room for 15 minutes doing nothing and giving themselves an electric shock to get out of it early, and most participants chose the to shock themselves. 15 minutes. The principle is simple, though: Before doing something, ask yourself, “Do I need to do this?” If the answer’s, “No,” then, ya know, don’t...

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Becoming Buddhist

  By Julia Prentice I am a baby Buddhist. I am becoming, unfolding like the 8 fold path, with twists and turns and ups and downs. There are many more folds than eight for me right now. I am attempting meditation, some days more fruitful than others, and some days I don’t choose it and feel the loss and shame of not living up to my high, high standards. Other days my mind is jumping like a fish out of water, flopping and struggling to breathe. Then I remember my Buddhist teacher, and saying good morning to myself in...

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The Pure Joy of Being {Book Review}

By Ty H. Phillips Shambhalas’ presentation of The Pure Joy of Being, by Fabrice Midal is a visual and spiritual masterpiece. Midal explores the story of Buddhism not only in itself but culturally and artistically within the cultures that it touched. Midal shares the visual wonders of Buddhist art in stone, metal, paint and more. The tomb is beautiful to behold and touch and pulls one into the essence of Buddhism. While the pages offer us a sense of Buddhism through the ages and the lives of the countless millions it has touched, it also brings one closer to...

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