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Old School Mindfulness {Part I}

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling   I was told so many times as a child and young man to get my head out of my ass, that it became a kind of a mantra for me. “He’s a good student,” many a 1950’s-era elementary school report card read in the comments section, “but he daydreams.” Well, let me tell you something. Today’s daydreamers are tomorrow’s grumpy old men who never want to leave the house. Which brings us (well, me) to the topic of mindfulness, probably the most misunderstood and overused concept under the Buddho-dome. Mindfulness. The marketing people...

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How Does “Letting Go” Work?

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling  Humans tend to invest emotional capital in relationships, events and memories. It is said that time heals all wounds, but that’s not exactly true. Some poor, sad people cling tenaciously to grief, anger and disappointment. You cannot un-remember things, or un-live the events that, though they may have happened a long time ago, continue to trouble you. If you’re one of those people, that kind of baggage prevents you from reaching your full potential. You’ve been told by your best friends, and maybe a therapist if you’ve taken things that far, that you have...

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How Visiting a Sacred Temple Reminded Me of My Time in the Marines

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling There is a small city high in the central mountains of Sri Lanka, a place that is arguably (mostly by Sri Lankans) the spiritual center of Buddhism. It’s called Kandy, pronounced “candy.” Since the Sinhalese language does not use stressed syllables, one could put on airs, I suppose, and call it Kan-DEE. In its enormous main temple constructed of white marble, a sarcophagus made of solid silver contains an ornate box in which resides the most sacred artifact in Buddhism: the Buddha’s molar. The place is called the Temple of the Sacred Tooth. I...

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Being a Buddhist Grandpa

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling Since I used to be a Kindergarten teacher, I have known many little girls, and in particular, Asian little girls. I have a Buddhist Sunday school full of them. Like Mark Twain, I unabashedly associate with little girls, because they’re the best company there one can find. And now I have my own little cadre of granddaughters—three of them, in fact. All hens, no cocks. A lot of times I have a hard time maintaining my Buddhist composure when they’re around, and sometimes I lose it altogether, and that makes me feel bad. What kind...

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Wanna Be a Buddhist? Put Down the Books & Go Live Buddhism

  By Gerald “Strib” Stribling Man, if I had a dollar for every time somebody’s said to me that “you have to be an intellectual to get Buddhism,” I would have enough money for a case of beer. I laugh in their face and point to myself, “Do I look like an intellectual to you?” I used to be a farm hand, and broke my back doing 60-pound pours of corrosive resistant plastic at 550 degrees when I was a United Steelworker. The work was so hard and dangerous I joined the Marines to get away from it. The...

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